Are you Up for Dubai Wildlife Discovery

Behind the glitz of Dubai, there is a whole world of Natural environment in Dubai desert that pop up with extraordinary wildlife. You can skip the towers and malls and go for mind-blowing desert adventures and drives where you can capture some rare species and unusual species. 

If you are wondering what exactly you are going to see in Dubai wildlife deserts, here are some details. 

Dubai wildlife in Deserts 

The first animal that will capture your eyes in the desert while driving is the statuesque white Arabian gazelles. The majestic Oryx has a unique white shape with very longhorns. These animals will be found a lot in the Dubai desert conservation reserve while driving in desert safari.

Some people don’t like dune bashing. So, they instead go for Arabian Desert Safari that includes wildlife drive to witness the amazing ecosystem in Dubai desert, and they get to enjoy camping activities as well. You will also find a very rare kind of Gazelles called the Reem gazelles.  

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai desert conservation reserve was the first national park in Dubai. It was first a vast desert landscape full of camels, but in 1997, sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Maktoum bought all the camels and declared the area a protectorate. 

The Dubai conservation reserve occupies about 5% of the country’s area, 225 square kilometers, and only an hour’s drive away from Dubai city.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Fauna and Flora of The Reserve  

Dubai wildlife is indigenous and rare in its deserts. There are more than 6000 trees in Dubai desert reserve, Arabian gazelles, sand gazelles, foxes, sand cats, and the vital ecosystem of grasses and shrubs. You can try out Arabian night’s tours in the heart of Dubai desert conservation. 

Usually, guests are picked up in the early morning and driven to the reserve. You will spot some fantastic species of gazelles, birds, and plants, have some photos, and enjoy the environment.

Al Maha Resort 

What’s unique about the visit and Al Maha resort in particular is that the area will not turn into one of Dubai mega malls or parks. It is a national resort located inside the main Dubai desert conservation reserve, and it is going to be protected for future generations. 

Different activities are offered in this place, generally showing visitors the 225 square kilometers of conservation area there, the culture, and the environment. 

Cultural falconry show 

The falcons are found all over Dubai conservations and Bedouin camps. It is one of the significant animals in Dubai’s desert that runs a show called the falconry show. The falconry is definitely integral to the Bedouin culture and was used as a supplier for food, protein. 

Local Bedouins have a very poor diet according to the environment they live in. Their diet was more like plant-based and sometimes they could get camel or goat milk.

Al Marmoom Cultural Experience 

One of the greatest ways to discover Dubai wildlife in the desert and to know more about the Bedouin culture is by going on Al Marmoom Bedouin culture experience. Let us explain to you what you will exactly find out on this educational tour. 

As you begin late afternoon to join a camel caravan throughout the desert. Camels were the only transportation they had in the desert. They helped the nomads to survive the desert and get them where the water was. Then, you’ll stop over a traditional seating area called (majlis) to enjoy sunset and falconry shows. 

Al Marmoom Cultural Experience 

Al Marmon Bedouin village 

Al Marmoom Bedouin village is included in this fabulous cultural experience, and it is located in the Al Marmoom desert conservation reserve. You will have:

  • Have a BBQ dinner and enjoy watching the preparation of this traditional dinner.  
  • Learn more about handicrafts made by the Bedouin to adapt to the desert lifestyle.
  • Enjoy folklore traditional performances and shows.
  • Listen to old stories about the desert lifestyle.
  • Learn more about how locals used star navigation through astronomy sessions. 

Heritage Wildlife Drive Safari 

 The tour of heritage wildlife safari involves a 45 minutes’ drive in Dubai desert conservation reserve with:

  • Falconry show. 
  • Traditional breakfast in Bedouin tent. 
  • Drive a vintage land rover to see the native Dubai wildlife in the reserve.  

Heritage Wildlife Drive Safari 

The U.A.E is a home for many rare and iconic animal species that live in the vast sand desert covering most of the country’s landscape. The fauna and flora are well taken care of by the Emirati government. They have declared a lot of the desert landscape as protectorates and conservation reserves to be visited only under certain circumstances. 

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Safari tours in Dubai wildlife are done in these preserves beside some of the traditional and cultural tours, and all of the activities are eco-friendly and way far from harming the rare reserve environment. 

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