The Ultimate Guide To Dubai Desert Safari

This is a Guide to Dubai Desert Safari where you can know your desired safari destination. As, Dubai Desert Safari The ultimate guide to the Dubai Desert, Dubai is located within the Arabian Desert and features a desert landscape.

You can enjoy the magnificent scenery and get to do an array of other fun activities. A Dubai desert safari is therefore one excursion that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari Packages

As a Guide To Dubai Desert Safari Arabia Horizons Tours offers a wide listing of Dubai Desert Excursions that you can embark on during your Dubai vacation.


Evening Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner

Evening desert safari will let you explore a photogenic desert scenery that you cannot get to see anywhere else.

For this thrilling tour, you will go on an exhilarating desert drive in our luxurious 4 wheel vehicles to explore the golden sand dunes deep in the desert. You will then get to watch the majestic desert sunset before embarking on the desert camp for the evening.

The camp is uniquely decorated with Arabian carpets, cushions, and low tables to offer an authentic Arabic ambiance. Y

you will then enjoy a tantalizing Barbeque dinner with meat, salads, the main course, and dessert available. There will also be entertainment from an exotic belly dancer to complete the lovely night.

Al Maha Desert Safari

This is an exciting drive into the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in Al Maha. For Al Maha Desert Safari, you will get to ride the desert sand dunes in four-wheel vehicles. You will also get to experience riding a camel; the undoubted ship of the desert.

Later, watch the desert sunset across the golden horizon and enjoy a tantalizing dinner at the traditional Bedouin campsite. check Dubai Wildlife.

Al Maha Desert Safari

Sunrise Desert Safari

This is a relaxing tour of the Dubai desert in the early morning. The tour starts at 4:15 am and is an exceptional experience whereby you will get to watch the sun rising over the desert horizon.

You will also stop for a photo at the camel farm, enjoy a camel ride, and dune bashing during the tour.

Sunrise Desert Safari

Dubai Camel Safari

For this safari, you will get to go on an exciting tour of Dubai’s desert landscape while riding a camel. The camel was used as a means of transport in the early days due to its ability to travel long distances without food or water and its endurance to strong desert winds.

The camel safari is done in groups/caravans along with a camel handler who is available for assistance on how to control the animal. The Dubai Camel Safari has the following packages:

  • Morning session

This is a camel ride for 30 minutes or 1 hour in the morning.

  • Evening session

This is a camel ride for 30 minutes or 1 hour in the afternoon.

  • Evening session with Barbeque dinner

This is a camel ride for 30 minutes or 1 hour in the evening along with a barbeque dinner at a desert camp.

Dubai Camel Safari

Full Day Adventure Safari

Full-Day Adventure Safari is a full day off-road excursion including a picnic lunch and barbeque dinner. You will depart early in the morning for an adventurous mountain trail drive along the Hajar Mountains, proceed to Hatta Heritage village to visit the old fort, and then stop for lunch.

In the afternoon, you will go dune bashing and later enjoy an amazing barbeque dinner at the Bedouin campsite where you will receive the ultimate Arabian welcome.  At the camp, you will also get to go on camel rides, try out henna painting and Arabic costumes.

Full Day Adventure Safari

Morning Safari (Sand ski and Dune drive)

Morning Safari is a three hour Dubai Desert Safari activity where you will get to enjoy a fun off-road drive along the desert sand dunes in luxurious 4 wheel vehicles. You can also experience sand skiing and camel rides at the Bedouin camp.

Dune Buggy Safari

This is another off-road activity to explore the Dubai Desert where you will get to ride on 840cc buggies or 2000cc buggies. You will have an instructor along to guide you through the changing sand dune trails while goggles and helmets will be provided for your safety

You can choose your ideal tour from the following Buggy safari packages:

  • Morning Dune Buggy Safari tour
  • Evening Dune Buggy Safari tour
  • Evening Dune Buggy Safari tour with barbeque dinner

Dubai Quad Bike / ATV Safari

For this safari, you will get to go on a fun drive through the desert dunes and trackless desert in the 450cc Quad bike. This is an all-terrain vehicle capable of navigating through both high and low dunes. An instructor will be available to guide you throughout the tour.

The tour packages for the Quad bike Safari include:

  • Morning Quad bike safari
  • Evening Quad bike safari
  • Evening Quad bike safari and barbeque dinner

Dubai Quad Bike

Hatta Mountain Safari

This tour includes a fun drive on a mountainous trail to visit the Hatta heritage village, Hatta Museum, and the old Fort. You will also get to enjoy a traditional Arabic lunch at the Hatta Fort hotel before heading back to Dubai.

Hatta Mountain Safari

Choosing the Best Safari in Dubai 

After we defined for you all the Desert Safari types in Dubai. We will tell you what to put in mind before booking (According to our Guide to Dubai Desert Safari). 


As a Guide To Dubai Desert Safari we’re saying that since these safaris took place or were established in camps that are away from the city, a commonplace desert safari starts at your doorstep where you will be gotten by your safari directly.

Subsequently, you need not stress over getting to the desert. Also, whenever you have made the most of your safari and are all set back, you will be transferred to your hotel too.


The Lahbab desert, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, and the Hatta Mountains have the absolute most famous desert camps. Your involvement with every one of these camps will be extraordinary.

For instance, the Lahbab desert permits guests to encounter the legitimate desert culture while the Desert Conservation Reserve is acclaimed for its untamed life. 


At the desert, the primary experience is typically an exciting meeting of ride slamming in a 4×4 – envision Hummers, Land Cruisers, and even Range Rovers.

Likewise, You can take an interest in an assortment of different abandons experience sports, for example, hill carriage riding, quad trekking, sandboarding, hot air swelling, and the unsurpassed top pick – camel riding.


As the sun sets, you will settle down for a night of amusement and supper. The supper is generally a 3-course buffet with cooking styles from all around the globe.

While you make the most of your supper in the open desert air, nearby entertainers will feature their stunning hip twirling and tanoura moving abilities, wrapping the night up.

Then from the Guide To Dubai Desert Safari, You have to look for these categories to see how and according to what you will choose the desired desert safari.

 Financial plan 

Investigate all the ticket choices accessible on the lookout and pick one that finds a way into your financial plan. While settling on which visit to book, always remember to check the rundown of considerations given.

You ought to likewise look at the eating alternatives accessible as a large portion of these encounters offer free breakfast or supper. On the off chance that you book your tickets on the web, there is a decent possibility that you may get them at a limited rate. In the event that you have a promotion code, remember to profit them. 


As referenced before, these desert safaris are accessible at various timings, adding to your accommodation. Plan your schedule for the afternoon and look over morning and night safaris.

For instance, in the event that you are likewise wanting to visit different attractions of the city, you can settle on a morning desert safari, which will leave you with sufficient opportunity to investigate the city whenever the timing is ideal. Dawn and dusk desert safaris are a portion of the other mainstream alternatives accessible.

Tips And Tricks will Help you in Dubai Safari

The Dubai Desert Tour is a thrilling and fascinating experience that’s a must-try while you visit the city of Dubai. Enjoy various activities in the Dubai desert and capture stunning views. These tips and tricks will help you prepare for the Dubai desert tour and ensure that your trip will be hassle-free.

What you Can Do During The Tour?

  • Go on a safari in a Jeep
  • See the desert from the Hot Air Balloon
  • Learn in Desert the Falconry
  • Enjoy yourself on a sandboard
  • Discover the Desert with a Camel
  • Ride or drive a buggy on a quad bike
  • Rode in a vintage Land Rover
  • Explore Hatta Heritage Village
  • Experience Wildlife at the Dubai Desert

What you Can Do Before The Tour?

  • Don’t Overeat Before the Tour
  • Bring Anti-dizziness Medication
  • Book A Suitable Time for the Tour
  • Wear Comfortable Clothes
  • Bring Sunscreen
  • Bring A Camera

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How To Get Your Dubai Safari Tickets

These Dubai Desert Safari packages will definitely give you the ultimate Desert Safari experience.

All the tour packages are available for booking on Our Dubai Tour Operator where we offer you excellent prices and services too. You can book your tour with us for this once in a lifetime experience.

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