Discover Dubai Culture and Heritage

The culture in Dubai is diverse and rich. The city may host the largest handmade islands, but let us don’t forget about its cultural heritage and the beauty of it. If you want a more authentic experience in Dubai, head to the cultural heart of the city. 

Take a traditional boat, and go hang out in the old souks of spices and gold. You will find the real aspects of Dubai in desert safari camp or you can book a sunset desert safari Dubai to indulge more into Dubai culture and heritage.

Places Related to Dubai Culture  

Old Souks

The first settlement in the Dubai area was at the creek, and you will still find some authentic and traditional markets and homes nearby Dubai creek. 

The area is divided into three districts: Bastakiya, Bur Dubai and Deira. The best way to get more in-depth about Dubai culture is to visit souks (markets). We highly recommend visiting the old souk of Dubai which can be reached by a traditional small boat. 

The old-style souks of ancient Dubai were designed as narrow alleys right next to each other and crowded with simple small shops of spices, silk, textiles, and Oud (Arabian perfume).

Old Souks Dubai

Dubai Museum

Another awesome way to find out more about Dubai culture and history is by visiting the Dubai museum which houses many sections. Each one of them displays antiques, artifacts, and relics from old Dubai.

In the museum, there are old homes and mosques wings. So, you can find out how locals used to live. Their homes were very simple yet organized and decorated with humble materials. 

They used to cook on potteries. You will find that displayed as well.

“Nation without heritage is like a tree without roots,” an old Bedouin Emirati says. The old Emiratis depended on many life practices as a source of living, and before the oil revolution in Dubai began, locals used to work in trade and pearl extract as a way to live. 

The museum will introduce you to the daily practices of the old locals, and how they built ships and dived into the gulf to extract pearls.

Dubai Museum

Gold and Spices Souks

Use the trip of discovering Dubai culture and buy yourself cheap and high-quality materials. It is a great opportunity to shop while hanging out in the old souks. 

On the two banks of Dubai creek, there are the gold and spices souks, and the textile souks right in the historic area of old Dubai. 

Since the area was established, it has been a home for merchants and their goods throughout many generations. 

Today, the souk has the finest fabrics from all across the world.

You will be amazed by the scents you are about to discover from rare spices to heavy Oud fragrant. The gold souk is one of the most famous among them all. 

It is located in Deira district. Many gold shops display a wide array of variety inspired by traditional designs and modern as well.

Gold and Spice Souks in dubai

Heritage Village Dubai

One of the great ways to know more about Dubai culture is visiting heritage village Dubai. The village gives you a glimpse of the old Emirati community and folk in the middle east. 

The village is a collection of mud and stone small houses (traditional houses) surrounded by palm trees. The charming atmosphere will fascinate you for sure and gives your insight into the different aspects of Bedouin’s lives.

Heritage Village Dubai Exhibit

Travel back in time to the 16th and 21st centuries, and check out mosques and weapon rooms that existed 200 years ago. 

There is also an exhibit in Heritage village Dubai for traditional professions in the old Emirate like blacksmithing, cotton trading, jewelry shaping, and food making. 

You can buy some artifacts and souvenirs to remember your Dubai traditional city tour.

Heritage Village Dubai Exhibit

Arabian Adventures Dubai Desert Safari

One perfect way to discover more about the culture of Dubai is by booking Arabian adventures Dubai desert safari. The amazing trip should introduce you to the real-life of old local Bedouins and how they lived a long time before. 

You’ll get to know more about the Emirati culture and traditions, how people used to live, what they used to eat and wear, their way of communication, and how they transferred throughout the desert. You’ll feel like you are a real Bedouin while experiencing all of this.

Besides all the customs and traditions, you get to discover. You’ll also have fun with amazing desert activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, and desert camping.  

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Dubai culture is beating up with history and outstanding, and it is all reflected in the old streets and souks. Some of the traditional places are built newly in a traditional way to show tourists how Dubai once was, and some of them are ancient for real as the old souks. The walls of the traditional souks stood for years as well as Al Fahidi Fort which is erected as the Dubai museum now. 

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