Desert Trip : How to Get your Dubai Safari Tickets

A desert trip in Dubai is considered the adventure of your life that at least you have to do it once. If you have never been to Dubai city before, then you need some tips on how you choose and plan your trip to the Dubai desert, and some information about desert safari Dubai cost per person

The wonderful experience is provided at different prices. Some of them are a bit expensive, and others affordable. Arabia Horizons company has operated a wide range of safaris with reasonable prices and excellent services. 

Desert Trip Types in Dubai 

The desert of Dubai is a gift from mother nature that reflects shades of gold shimmer on its sand dunes. Endless vast sand dunes stretch out into the horizons as far as the eyes can catch. A desert is a place full of mystery, charm, and magic. It is also a perfect environment for adventure trips.

Enjoy the hospitality of local Bedouins, and fall under the spell of Dubai city desert magic. There are many desert trip types organized in Dubai:

  • Morning safari 
  • Evening safari
  • Overnight safari
  • Wildlife drive safari
  • Heritage safari
  • Al Marmoom Bedouin experience
  • Camel ride
  • Quad bike desert safari
  • Dune buggy trip

Each one of these trips has its own activities, program, and Dubai safari tickets

 Choose The Perfect Desert Trip With a Suitable Price 

A trip to Dubai is not complete without a desert adventure trip. You can get to know more about the Bedouin lifestyle and try activities for the first time.  

You can have a Dubai city tour, visit its tallest towers, and eat in its luxurious restaurants, but you will never experience the real soul of the country unless you venture into the desert and indulge in the atmosphere. 

It is after all the home of the nomadic, and the spiritual heart of the Arabian peninsula. 

 When to Visit The Desert in Dubai 

We highly recommend doing it all year round except the hottest month of the summer of July and August. The weather can be pretty, and if you walk down the street, you will feel like you entered an oven. 

One of the major tips we give to our clients while going on a desert trip during the coolest months of the year is to keep themselves hydrated always, wear sunblock, glasses, and Cotton long sleeves clothes to protect them from the sun. 

so, giving a thought of doing this trip in the middle of the summer seems rejected. 

The best time to book your Dubai safari tickets will be during spring, May, and march, and autumn, September, and November when the weather is mild and moderate.

Which Type of Desert Trip Should I Choose

Tourism is a huge business in Dubai, safari tours in particular. So, there are plenty of travel agents offering affordable desert safari Dubai cost per person.  These can range from 45$ to 215 $ of the adventure collection, and from 108$ to 599$  of the heritage collection. Make sure that each tour can be done privately or shared. Here some detailed trips with prices :

Evening Desert Safari 

 This kind of desert trip includes a late pick up at 3:00 PM from your hotel, and drive all the way to the desert. Now, it is time for the main activity of the desert trip which is Dune bashing. It is a very exciting drive through the dunes, usually done by a land cruiser or jeep. 

After that, you will stop by high sand dunes or hills to do some sandboarding. The safari guide will help you through it. All you have to do is keep your body balanced while pushing it down the dune.

Last but not least, you’ll be heading to the camp which is set up in a traditional theme. Enjoy the hospitality of the Bedouins and have a traditional camel ride that can be repeated. The camp also includes:

  • BBQ dinner.
  • Folklore and entertainment shows.
  • Henna painting. 
  • Photo session with the falcon.

This program will cost 45 $ per person. 

Evening Desert Safari 

Desert Fox Dune Duggy 

You can have this tour in the morning or evening. Get picked up at 8:00 AM or at 3:00 PM from your hotel in Dubai. You will drive to an open desert area where you can ride the majestic fox buggy. 

This tour includes no dune bashing. It is designed for self-drive fans, but you’ll have all safety equipment and a safari instructor. Enjoy soft drinks.

These Dubai safari tickets cost 215$ per person. 

Desert Fox Dune Duggy

Al Marmoom Bedouin Culture Experience 

Al Marmoom desert trip is a cultural and educational experience more than an adventurous one, but it is worth mentioning for its great value. 

The trip begins late afternoon when you will join a traditional camel caravan followed by a sunset falcon show as you get to know about the majestic bird and how it helped the Bedouins in haunting. 

Next, you will visit a Bedouin village located in the Al Marmoom desert conservation reserve where you will learn about how old Emiratis survived the hard circumstances of the desert and adapted by. You will also watch locals cook traditional food and enjoy an astronomy session. 

Al Marmoom Bedouin experience will cost 108 $ if it is done in the morning, and 135$ in the evening. 

Al Marmoom Bedouin Culture Experience 

Heritage Private Night Safari With Astronomy 

This tour is all private and made to give the VIP feeling. You will ride a vintage 1950 land rover and explore the desert in the dark night with safari captain.  Get to spot some wild animal roaming in the desert at the Dubai desert conservation reserve.

You can use night vision to capture some of the scorpions and lizards. You’ll be amazed by the Arabian gazelles and desert foxes. Then, you’ll head to Beduin camp to have dinner and astronomy sessions with a special telescope and professional astronomer who will tell you all about how old Bedouins used star navigation to calculate time and months over the year. The private night safari includes:

  • Bathroom facilities.
  • Three dinner courses.
  • Stargazing with a high power telescope.
  • The hotel picks up and drops off.

The desert safari Dubai cost per person for this tour is 599$. 

Hope we have helped you to choose the right desert trip for you through this blog. Each tour we have mentioned offers something special, and you determine what you desire. If it’s dune bashing, culture experience, wildlife driving, or dune buggy.

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