The Magical Arabian Desert Safari Experience

The Arabian Desert is a magnificent wilderness, stretching from Yemen to the Persian Gulf. With its extensive sands and dunes, it is a wonder of nature that has greatly shaped the history and culture in Dubai for centuries.

The Arabian Desert in Dubai makes for a great go-to safari for anyone having  Dubai as their next vacation destination on their bucket list.

There are numerous desert locations to choose from, with each offering a unique experience. At the Dubai Desert Conservation reserve, you can enjoy watching Dubai’s wildlife such as the Arabian Oryx, gazelles, and camels.

At the Lahbab desert, you get to enjoy authentic desert culture while Mleiha gives you an inside look into traditional Emirati life.

Arabian Desert Safari in Dubai Experience

You can enjoy numerous activities during your Dubai Desert Safari depending on your preferences of thrills.

Arabian Desert Safari in Dubai Experience

Dune Bashing

Go on a fun drive through the desert in a four-wheel-drive through the rolling sand dunes.

Quad Bike Desert Safari 

Get to maneuver through the desert terrain with your very own 450 cc quad bike. Put to test your riding prowess on the trackless desert landscape and enjoy the feel of the sands first hand.

Buggy Rides

A buggy ride offers you a new and fun off-road experience. You can ride in a single-seater 840cc buggies or double seater 2000cc buggies and set off on an exciting adventure into the Arabian Desert in Dubai.

Sand Surfing

Grab a surfing board and surf through the desert dunes, kick through the sandy slopes for a thrilling rush of adrenaline.  

Camel Safari

For a more calming and traditional experience, go for a camel ride and take a trip back in time when camels were used as the main means of transport.

Barbeque Dinner

An Arabian Desert Safari also includes a taste of Arabic cuisine. Experience the authenticity of Arabic cuisine with a delectable barbeque dinner.


Experience the Bedouin culture with an array of entertainment activities. Among them include Tanoura dances, belly dancing, henna painting, and trying out Arabian costumes

Arabia Horizons Package options

There are various desert safari package options customized to fit different preferences including:

Arabia Horizons Package options

Morning Desert Safari

A morning Desert Safari will let you go on an Arabian Desert Safari in the early morning hours. The safari’s highlight is the golden desert sun rising through the dunes.

Among the activities, you get to enjoy include dune bashing in a 4×4 wheel drive, quad biking, and sandboarding down the slopes of the dunes.

Evening Desert Safari

An evening desert safari is a good choice if you wish to catch the dazzling desert sunsets. The safari also allows you to experience a variety of activities such as Dune bashing, buggy rides, quad biking, and sandboarding while soaking in the scenic views of Dubai’s Arabian desert.

For a more cultural experience, try out a camel ride before sunset. Trying out Arabic costumes and henna painting is also extremely fun to do.

Cap your safari by enjoying an exceptional buffet dinner with an array of barbeque meat, salads, a main course meal.

Full-Day Desert Safari

This is a 12-hour Arabian Desert Safari. Depart in the morning for an interesting morning drive to the Hajar Mountains, then visit the Hatta heritage village.

This is followed by a lovely lunch, go for an exciting afternoon dune bashing in the desert before heading to the desert camp. Here, take part in more activities including Camel rides, sandboarding, and quad biking.

In the evening, have a delicious barbeque dinner and entertainment that includes Tanoura dance shows and belly dancing performances.

Overnight Desert Safari

An overnight desert safari is ideal if you have more spare time and would like to spend a magical night gazing in the desert sky. Besides, you will get to savor Arabian cuisine with a barbeque dinner.

The evening itinerary also includes a range of Arabic entertainment such as Arabic music, Tanoura dancing, and belly dancing performances. After an exciting evening, spend your evening in a lovely Arabic themed desert camp under the stars as you relax with friends.

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An Arabian Desert Safari is a surefire way to experience the exotic magic that is Dubai and its Arabic culture. Take any tour of your liking and get to enjoy a little of the Arabic charm.

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