Desert Experience Dubai: A Guide to a Memorable Experience

The Dubai Desert is not as empty as you think it is. It is filled with various creatures and plants. Many wild animals have adapted to the harsh environment of the desert. Those different creatures and plants are a remarkable part of the Desert Experience Dubai.

Species such as the Arabian Oryx are found in the wild and at Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The Oryx was threatened to go extinct but was saved in zoos and various reserves. 

The Dubai Desert has various plants. As a result, locals often use these plants for medical use. These plants are also the food source for wild animals found at the Dubai Desert. 

The Desert Experience Dubai is a unique experience where you get to see those wild animals and plants at their natural habitat. Don’t miss out on this one of a lifetime experience.

Dubai Desert Safari

The Desert Experience Dubai is an exclusive experience where you get to see the Dubai Desert first hand. Therefore, enjoy the various activities that capture the beauty of the Dubai Desert and its wildlife. 

The Adventure Safari Dubai features sightseeing of different wildlife animals and plants that habitat in the area. 

Sand Dune Safari Dubai offers many fun activities. Such as Dune bashing, Camel riding, henna painting, quad bike, and more! 

There are various Dubai Desert Safari tours. Such as Evening desert safari, Morning desert safari, Royal desert safari, and many more.

Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari Activities

Dune Bashing

Begin your Adventure Safari Dubai with the thrilling dune bashing experience across the Dubai Desert. Prepare to journey across the golden dunes of Dubai. 

View the sunset at the Dubai Desert while dune bashing across the desert. This thrilling experience will surely be a memorable one. 

This one of time experience is a prominent part of the whole Sand Dune Safari Dubai.

Dubai Desert Camp

Head into the Dubai Desert Camp to experience the traditional Arabian atmosphere. Enjoy traditional Arabic coffee and tea. 

Wrap up your day at the Dubai Desert Camp by enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. The Dubai Desert Camp is a vital part of the Desert Experience Dubai.

Try out the complimentary traditional Arabic henna painting and experience the tradition first hand.  

Complete your traditional experience with our delicious BBQ buffet dinner.

Camel Riding

The Bedouins used Camels to journey across the desert in harsh climates. Therefore, camels played a huge role in helping the Bedouin survive in the harsh desert environment.

Camel riding is a thrilling activity which is a must-try at the desert camp. Wander around the camp on a camel and have a unique view of the camp. 

Camels are friendly creatures who will carry you around the camp. Make sure to try riding them!

Quad Bike

Ride along the golden sands of Dubai with the quad bike experience. Whether you’d want a thrilling ride across the sands or you just want to explore the Arabian dunes first hand then the quad bike experience is just the right way to do so. 

Desert Safari Activities

Desert Safari Tours 

Evening Desert Safari

Wrap up your day with our evening desert safari. Enjoy a relaxing but thrilling evening with our various activities such as dune bashing, camel riding, and henna painting. 

Experience the beautiful scenery as the sun sets down on the golden sands of Dubai. Other activities include: delving into souvenir display stalls, taking photos with a falcon, and a photo session in traditional Dishdashas and Abayas. Lastly, finish off your day by indulging in our delightful BBQ buffet dinner.

Overall, this tour is for tourists who want to experience the marvelous sunset at the rich dunes of Dubai and enjoy various activities that will ensure a memorable experience with our Adventure Safari Dubai. 

Sunrise Desert Safari

Begin your day with the view of the rising sun on the radiant sands. Then, enjoy the camel ride over the shining sands as the sun rises. 

Dive into the golden sands with the thrilling sand basing experience. Don’t miss out on the stunning views of the rising sun over the Dubai desert with our Sand Dune Safari Dubai.

To summarize, this tour is for tourists who wish to experience the beautiful scenery of the sunrise over the golden sands. 

Hatta Mountain Safari

Venture through Hatta Mountain with the Hatta Mountain Safari. Head into the Hatta heritage village and Hatta museum to learn more about the traditions and heritage of Bedouin. 

Get a taste of the traditional lunch at the Hatta Fort Hotel to complete your traditional Bedouin experience. Capture stunning images of the astonishing view of the Hatta Mountain. 

Overall, this tour is a more educational experience than an adventurous one. It captures the stunning views of the Hatta Mountain and offers one of the time traditional Bedouin experience. 

Hatta Mountain Safari

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The Dubai desert is definitely filled with life and our tours ensure that you will get to enjoy the breathtaking desert experience Dubai first-hand. Don’t miss out on this one of a lifetime journey by booking a tour that suits your taste with our Dubai Tour Operator.

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