6 Helpful Tips and Tricks for a Memorable Dubai Desert Tour

The Dubai Desert Tour is a thrilling and fascinating experience that’s a must-try while you visit the city of Dubai. Enjoy various activities at the Dubai desert and capture stunning views. These tips and tricks will help you prepare for the Dubai desert tour and ensure that your trip will be hassle-free.

Tips and Tricks for Dubai Desert Tour

Don’t Overeat Before the Tour

Avoid overeating before the Dubai desert tour as it may lead to discomfort during the dune bashing experience. The thrilling activity involves a lot of movement and eating before the tour will only cause discomfort and an upset stomach.

If you would like to eat before the tour it is recommended to do so around 6-8 hours before the pickup time. Typically, it takes about 6-8 hours to digest most of the food. Light meals are fine as it also recommended to not go on an empty stomach. 

Bring Anti-dizziness Medication

It is advised to bring anti-dizziness medication. As we mentioned before, the dune bashing experience involves a lot of movement. Thus, having anti-dizziness medication is recommended just in case you started to feel dizzy during or after the dune bashing.

Book A Suitable Time for the Tour

Booking a suitable time for the Dubai desert tour is an important part of the experience. At our Dubai tour operator, we offer various safari packages such as Morning desert safari, sunrise desert safari, and evening desert safari.

 Whether you’d want to experience the beautiful sunset across the golden dunes or you’d like a relaxing stay at the desert camp as the cold breeze sweeps across the magnificent night sky, our various tours ensure an unforgettable experience.   

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wearing comfortable clothes is recommended as it ensures a convenient experience. The journey to the Dubai desert will be a long one. Thus, it’s advised to wear comfortable clothing.  If you are going on an evening trip, it is recommended to bring a jacket as the weather might get chilly during the night.

Along with selecting comfortable clothing, try your best to wear modestly. Your choice of clothing must align with the dress code. Be informed on the dress code before selecting your clothing choices.

Wearing open footwear is also recommended as the sand might get into your shoes and that results in an unpleasant experience. Having open footwear allows you to freely explore the desert without having a troublesome experience.

Bring Sunscreen

The sun in the Dubai Desert is blazing. That’s why we recommended you bring sunscreen. This will ensure that your skin will be protected from the sun and thus you can have a comfortable experience. This is especially necessary for people with sensitive skin. 

Bring A Camera

Capturing the beautiful scenery at the Dubai Desert Tour is a necessary part of the whole experience. That’s why we recommended you bring a camera. The Dubai Desert is filled with stunning views and those views must be captured.

The whole experience is meant to be an unforgettable experience. Capturing the experience with a camera ensures that you will never forget this one of a time adventure.

Falcon Show

Dubai Desert Tours

Evening Desert Safari

Enjoy watching the beautiful sunset on the rich dunes of Dubai with our Evening Desert Safari.  Experience various fun activities such as camel riding, sand bashing, and henna painting. Finish off your day with our delicious BBQ buffet dinner.

Quad Bike Safari

Explore the Dubai Desert first hand with the Quad Bike Safari. Ride along the golden dunes on a quad bike and unleash your inner explorer. Enjoy other activities such as sandboarding and camel riding. This tour will ensure a breathtaking experience.

Sunrise Desert Safari

Begin your day with a miraculous dune bashing experience along with the beautiful sunrise. Then, enjoy a camel ride along the golden dunes of Dubai.

Dune Buggy, Dubai Desert Tour

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“At Arabia Horizons, your safety and experience are ours at most concern. Consider these useful tips and tricks while preparing for your tour to have a convenient and memorable Dubai desert tour.”

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