What you May Not Know About The Tallest Building in Dubai

Do you know that the tallest building in Dubai is also the current tallest building in the whole world? Yes! Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower tops all the worlds’ skyscrapers. Dubai Khalifa tower is 829.8 meters long in height. 

The Dubai Burj Khalifa is a magnificent piece of art standing in the city of Dubai. The tower boasts several of the least known information compiled here for you. Find out how the construction of the tallest building in Dubai took place, the remarkable design, the awesome features that the tower adorns, and the charges of Burj Khalifa ticket price.

The Construction of The Burj Khalifa Tower

The construction of the tallest building in Dubai started in the year 2004. It took the constructors 5 years to complete the tower’s inside design. The idea of Dubai city gaining an international reputation and recognition gave birth to the Dubai Khalifa tower.

Dubai sources of income came from Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The tower was designed by the famous Adrian Smith and his firm. The firm has done numerous wonderful projects before the Burj Khalifa. 

The construction was supervised by engineers from Hyder consulting. Supervision services were done by the NORR group consultants international. They were the sole supervisors of the project and its architecture. The tallest building in Dubai had a lot of borrowed designs. Some designs were taken from Islamic architecture that is the most prominent religion in Dubai.

The former name for the tallest building in Dubai was Burj Dubai. However, sometime during construction, the engineers experienced financial constraints. The ruler of UAE Sheikh Khalifa gave grants to fund the construction. This led to the name of the tower being changed to Burj Khalifa. 

This marvelous building has stood out as the icon of Dubai and the UAE at large. It has received a lot of accolades in the years it has stood as the tallest building in Dubai and the world at large.

The Construction of The Burj Khalifa Tower

The Design and Features of The Dubai Burj Khalifa

The incredible tallest building in Dubai was designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merill. They used their former works in the Willis tower to come up with the Burj’s electric design. The bundle tube design used was to help in reducing amounts of steel. This was essential for cost reduction. 

Islamic architecture is also included in the design. The spiraling of the Great Mosque of Samara is evident on the Burj Khalifa tower. The design has several special floors constructed for special purposes. The Armani hotel is occupying the lower 15 floors of the first 39 floors of the tower. It has 304 rooms. 

There are also sky lobbies with swimming pools on the tower. These are found on the 43rd and the 76th floor. There are numerous residential and corporate suites in the building. The 900 apartments are found from the ground floors to the 108 floors. 

The luxurious residences were recorded to have sold out for the first eight hours when put on the market. The demand was so high. The tallest elevators in the world are found in the tallest building in Dubai. There are 57 elevators. You can also use the 8 escalators present inside for quick movement between closer floors.

The Burj Khalifa tower has world-class efficient plumbing systems, efficient air conditioning, and machines for washing the huge glass windows. It is not easy for the workers to wash the exterior part of the tower. To complete cleaning the exterior 36 workers work daily for close to four months.

The Design and Features of The Dubai Burj Khalifa

Other Features of The Tallest Building in Dubai

  • The Dubai fountain is the second largest in the whole world.
  • An observation deck on all floors where you can view the city of Dubai from above
  • The Burj Khalifa park has water pools and beautiful plants.

The charges for a Burj Khalifa ticket price

Tourists from around the globe visit the tallest building in Dubai. There are several tours organized in the tower. The popular tour is called the At the Top Sky tour. The charge for the tour is 383 AED.

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The tallest building in Dubai is a marvelous piece of art. Book this wonderful experience and have a remarkable event in your life. 

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