Burj Khalifa Area: Explore Downtown Dubai

The desert city of Dubai is home to some of the most iconic architectural marvels the world has ever seen. Top of the list is the Burj Khalifa, the tallest freestanding structure in the world. A trip to the Burj Khalifa area is your opportunity to enter the iconic building as well as discover more astounding secrets hidden around Downtown Dubai.

Burj Khalifa: Interesting Facts

Below are some interesting facts to know about the Burj Khalifa:

  • At a staggering height of 828 metres, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest freestanding structure in the world
  • The Burj Khalifa has 164 floors with observation decks located at levels 124, 125 and 148
  • Elevator speeds at the Burj Khalifa are 10 metres per second
  • The building exterior is covered with 26,000 glass panels
  • The Burj Khalifa has a total floor area of 460,000 square metres
  • The temperature difference from top to bottom of the building is 15 degrees Celsius
  • The building is a multi-use development tower with residential, commercial, office, entertainment, shopping and leisure facilities

Burj Khalifa Interesting Facts

The Burj Khalifa Experience

The Burj Khalifa area is located in Downtown Dubai, next to the Dubai mall. You will go through the mall to access the Burj Khalifa entrance. Once you arrive, get your tickets (if you have not already in advance)to visit At the Top observation decks, which is where your adventure actually begins.

At the Top Burj Khalifa: Level 124 & 125

Use one of the world’s fastest elevators to explore Burj Khalifa inside-including the observation decks at Level 124 and 125. Level 124 is at 452 metres and provides awe-inspiring views of the Dubai skyline.

You will have access to high powered telescopes for a closer view of the city below. Use them to soak in the beauty of Dubai’s desert landscape.

If you want to get a feel of the wind, head over to the floor above at level 125. At 456 metres, this floor has an outdoor observation deck. It is spacious and will offer you exceptional views of Dubai, especially during sunset.

At the Top Sky: Level 148

Level 148 is the highest observation deck at Burj Khalifa, situated at 555 metres. At the Top Sky, tickets offer VIP access to the exclusive Sky lounge where you can enjoy some Arabic coffee and traditional dates as you wait for your turn.

Skip the queue to the lift and head over to the uppermost deck. Once you arrive, learn more about Dubai from high tech video monitors. You will enjoy amazing sights of the city on the open-air terrace.

burj khalifa Level 148

Dining Experiences

While taking a tour at the Burj Khalifa area, make some time to dine at some of Dubai’s finest restaurants. Enjoy amazing views of the Dubai fountain while having your meal and add another special memory to your journey at Burj Khalifa.

Below at the top restaurants to dine at:

  • At.Mosphere

Located at Level 122, At.Mosphere offers you the very best of fine dining. The restaurant has a wide variety of international cuisine including French, European and Central European.

The menu highlights include steak, salmon, oysters, beef bacon, wine and much more. Enjoy your food at the world’s highest restaurant with breathtaking views of the Gulf and downtown Dubai.

  • Armani Deli

Armani Deli is located on the ground floor of Burj Khalifa. It is an Italian inspired restaurant, serving you the very best of Italian and European cuisine. The menu highlights include pasta, ravioli, tiramisu and salmon.

  • Armani Amal

If you are looking to get a taste of Indian cuisine, Armani Amal is your go-to restaurant. Located on the third floor of the Burj Khalifa hotel, Armani Amal has a wide menu selection that includes Roti, Kulcha, Gajar  Halwa, butter chicken and more.

burj khalifa Dining Experiences

Downtown Dubai: More Attractions Around Burj Khalifa Area

Apart from the Burj Khalifa, there are more attractions to visit in Downtown Dubai:

  • Dubai Mall

With over 1200 retail outlets, you can enjoy shopping at the Dubai Mall. 

  • Dubai Fountain

Enjoy watching the dazzling Dubai Fountain performance. The colourful lights, music and jets of water that dance to the music will mesmerize you.

  • Dubai Aquarium

Located on the ground floor of Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo is home to over 140 marine species. These include rays and sand tiger sharks.

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The Burj Khalifa area in downtown Dubai offers you a lot to do and discover. It’s hands down the best place to visit for a wholesome trip to Dubai.

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