Tourism in Dubai is Back | Know All The Health Precautions There

Tourism in Dubai is back after it was closed in April due to coronavirus concerns. Safety precautions are to be taken by the authorities to ensure the safety of tourists while they visit the country. This ensures the safety and wellbeing of the travelers and opens up the opportunity for people to visit the city.  

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Health Precautions to be Taken Upon Arrival in Dubai.

The City of Dubai has reopened its airports to tourists on the 7th of July. This is a huge relief for people who wanted to visit the city and now they have the chance to.

Of course, several safety precautions must be taken by each traveler upon arrival at the airport. Each traveler must do the following before/upon arriving in the country:

  • Perform a PCR test at least 96 hours before the flight.
  • If the PCR test results are negative, travelers must bring a PCR negative certificate that will be shown before and after the flight to the authorities at the Airport.
  • If the travelers wish to perform the PCR test after arrival, they must self-isolate until the results are out.
  • Travelers must also complete a health declaration form and quarantine undertaking form upon arrival.
  • Depending on nationality, travelers must have a valid visa upon arrival to the country.

Some precautions must be taken before booking the flight and upon arriving in the country. Those who wish to travel to the city must abide by these precautions to ensure their safety and other’s safety.

Other safety precautions such as constantly sanitizing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing are also mandatory upon arrival. These precautions are a way to help protect people from protentional infection.

Health Precautions in Dubai

Things to Do Now That Tourism in Dubai is Back. 

Now that tourism is Dubai is back, there are several fun activities to do while you visit Dubai. Whether you want to embark on an adventure in Dubai or want you to view the various landmarks, Dubai has it all.

Adventure Tours

Those who want to embark on an adventure in Dubai have a couple of options to choose from. Exploring the beautiful Dubai desert with the desert safari tour is a great way to unleash your inner adventurer. Have a blast with the various fun and thrilling water sports that will ensure a fun and memorable experience.

Desert Safari Tour

Explore the beautiful Dubai Desert with the Desert Safari Tour. There are various safari tours which are during the morning and evening.

The Dubai Desert Safari Tour is a great way to explore the golden dunes of Dubai and enjoying various fun activities such as Sand Bashing, Camel Riding, Dune buggy, and Quad biking. The Dubai Desert Tour is one of the most demanded activities in tourism in Dubai.

Desert Safari Tour

Water Sports

Cool of your day with the various Water Sports in Dubai. Water sports are a great and thrilling way to enjoy your day with your loved ones. Zoom across the sea with the jet ski ride or glide across the sea with the parasailing. These are just some of the many thrilling watersports that offer an enjoyable and fun experience.

water sports in dubai

Sightseeing Tours

Perhaps you just want to view the city of Dubai from a new perspective. Since Tourism in Dubai is back, this is a great opportunity for Dubai Sightseeing Tours, visit the city and view all the magnificent views and bits of the city. One of the best ways to do so is by visiting the famous Burj Khalifa.

The Burj Khalifa is one of Dubai’s most recognizable landmarks and is visited by thousands of tourists each year. Another way to have a unique view of the city is with the Dubai Helicopter Tour.

Burj Khalifa 

The Burj Khalifa is the current holder of the world record of the tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa alone contributes a lot to tourism in Dubai. Along with other world records, the Burj Khalifa is the most recognized landmark of Dubai.

The view from the sightseeing deck is breathtaking. Visiting the Burj Khalifa is a great way to explore the city of Dubai and has a unique view of the city. Check out your Burj Khalifa tickets Now. 

Burj Khalifa 

Helicopter Tour

Fly across the city of Dubai with the Helicopter Tour. This unique experience shows the city of Dubai from a birds-eye view. Capture beautiful pictures of the city of Dubai and explore the city from a new perspective. Check out your Dubai Helicopter Tour Now.

Helicopter Tour dubai

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“Now that Tourism in Dubai is back, there are many ways to explore the city and enjoy a memorable experience. Make sure to follow all the guidelines and precautions needed before booking your flight to Dubai.”

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