Best of Adventure Sports in Dubai 2021

The United Arab Emirates is part of the Arabian Peninsula which is known for its vast landscapes of Desert. It is also located on the Persian Gulf coast which makes Dubai city have two different environments, the desert of Dubai and its white-sand beaches. That is the key to having so many adventure sports in Dubai.

If you want water sports, you can have them on the most luxurious beaches of Dubai like flyboarding, scuba diving, fishing, and riding jet skis. There are desert sports like hiking, camel safari, or you can have desert safari with BBQ dinner.

Top Adventure Sports in Dubai

In this blog we will introduce you to the most popular water sports:

  • Scuba diving.
  • Deep-Sea fishing.
  • Banana boat.
  • Jet ski riding.

And here are some of the adventure sports in Dubai in the desert:

  • Desert Camel riding.
  • Hatta Mountain hiking.
  • Desert biking.
  • Quad bike safari Dubai.
  • Dune bashing.

Water Adventure Sports in Dubai

Water Adventure Sports in Dubai

Flyboarding in Dubai Experience

Flyboarding is a new technique water sport that worth doing for sure. The water board (Hydroflighting Device) is connected to a jet ski engine through a hose. A certain amount of water is pumped through the hose with a great force that allows you to jump up to 10 meters high, and 40 kilometers per hour speed. Enjoy flying over the water at Jumeirah beach.


The world’s longest urban zipline is located right in Dubai city at Dubai marina. It is one of the steepest and fastest zip lines. This experience can be shared and done with two.

So, you can have your friend with you, and enjoy zipping above the luxury yachts and Cruises of Dubai Marina. Fly from one of the Amwaj towers right down to Dubai Marina, and enjoy Dubai skyscrapers from a different angle.

There will be an instructor who will give you a short brief about safety before starting, and the whole zipping experience will be documented for you by action camera connected to your helmet.

Deep-Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing is one of the water adventure sports in Dubai that requires no much practice, but you’ll be accompanied by fishing experts anyway. The Arabian Gulf is beating with rich marine life. You will find different fish species, and you can actually cook them on the yacht. Interesting activity in fact.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Sail to your dive site by boat. The shorelines of Dubai are considered untouched, and full of scenery marine life and coral reef gardens.  Doesn’t matter actually if you are a frequent diver or just a fan, it is great for those who are looking for an underwater fun activity and spot some rare species of sea creatures and reefs.

You will get the chance to spot white sharks, turtles, zebra sharks, manta, and fish species.

If you still don’t want to dive or it seems dangerous for you, you can have a snorkeling trip in which you’ll still spot some colored fish on the surface. Diving is available for many levels, from shallow to deep.

Wakeboarding in Dubai

Wakeboarding is a water sport that requires a lot of strength while you hold on to a rope and do some water flips on tricky waves. It is also a great exercise for your whole body and known for clearing mind benefits.  You will have 15 minutes of thrilling waterboarding on Marina beach in Dubai, and an instructor to guide you through the activity and give you safety tips. So, you will be tension free.

Desert Adventure Sports in Dubai

Desert Adventure Sports in Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner

If you have never tried Dubai desert safari with BBQ dinner. Then you have not properly experienced Dubai. It is an extremely popular adventurous activity among residents and foreign tourists that includes hotel pick up and drop off services.

Desert safari one of the main adventure sports in Dubai for having multi-activity programs that include dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, and camping.  The traditional camp introduces you to the old lifestyle of Nomadic Bedouins. Everything sat in a traditional theme, from the traditional seats to the way of hospitality by offering Arabic coffee and dry dates. You’ll also enjoy:

  • Having delicious BBQ dinner.
  • Taking photos with falcon and dressing in traditional Emirati customs.
  • Enjoy complimentary shisha.
  • Having henna tattoo
  • Watching folklore shows like belly dance and drum sessions.

Mountain biking and hiking

Not many of you know about the amazing mountain called Hatta located on the borders of U.A.E and Oman. It beats up with nature’s beauty and stunning moderate weather. Hatta hiking trails were launched in four routes and supposed to be the longest in the country. Hatta is located one hour and a half only from Dubai and known for outdoor adventure sports in Dubai.

You can take part in Hatta wadi hub activities:

  • Downhill carting.
  • Axe throwing.
  • Freefall jumps.
  • Adventure rope course.
  • Climbing and hiking.

Quad bike safari Dubai

Quad bike safari Dubai is 100% pure adventure desert sport that will rush your adrenaline to the extreme. For those who are seeking for self-drive experience between the sand dunes, this will be your perfect choice. You can rock on the mighty desert of Dubai with this accessible vehicle that has very easy techniques.  Although you’ll have a safari guide who will give you safety instructors before going on the ride.

Quad biking tour in Dubai can also include:

  • Dune bashing.
  • Camp activities.

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The desert in Dubai is like a natural gift to be preserved well and explored. The massive landscape of the Arabian desert that surrounds Dubai gives the opportunity to indulge more into desert adventures like Dubai Desert safari with BBQ dinner, and much more of course. Adventure sports in Dubai also includes water games and fun beach activities that can create a perfect summer vacation.

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