Top of Abu Dhabi Tourist Attractions in 2021

Abu Dhabi is renowned for its rising global cultural presence and heritage appeal. The city is a destination for fun and luxury. It’s currently home to the first Louvre Museum outside of France. Let’s explore more of the top of Abu Dhabi Tourist Attractions. 

Top of Abu Dhabi Tourist Attractions in 2020

Louvre Abu Dhabi

The dome-shaped cultural icon is a reflection of Abu Dhabi’s growing art culture. It was inaugurated in 2017 and its exhibits attract dozens of tourists and local art enthusiasts annually.

Louvre Abu Dhabi also focuses on delivering valuable experiences to its visitors. The cultural landmark highlights:

  • Eight layers and 7,850 geometric stars reflect how the sunlight falls on the date palms
  • A cross-section display of artworks including the oldest religious texts (Torah, Bible, Quran, and Buddhist scroll)
  • An art lounge
  • Kayaking in the waters that surround the museum
  • A kids museum that allows them to create their own creative avatars
  • Weekend activities for the whole family

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace 

Meet the gorgeous Emirates palace like a hotel. It’s recognized among the best 5-star hotels in the UAE. Located on Abu Dhabi’s waterfront the attraction covers an area of 850,000 sq.m. It’s among the most expensive hotels in Abu Dhabi and features:

  • A unique grand fortress distinguished by its beautiful architecture
  • Dauntless domed gatehouses fitted with flying ramps to the vestibule
  • A private beach with 1.3km coastline
  • Themed rooms with 1002 crystal chandeliers and 400 luxury rooms and suites for a royal stay 
  • Luxuries of a 5-star hotel with a spa and a fitness center
  • Fine dining restaurants 

Emirates Palace, abu dhabi tourist attractions

Ferrari World 

A visit to Abu Dhabi is not complete without a visit to Ferrari World on Yas Island. The world’s first Ferrari ‘themed’ park is the ultimate Abu Dhabi Tourist Attractions. The park offers visitors unique concepts including: 

  • The world’s highest ride and the world’s fastest roller coaster
  • Formula Rossa
  • Virtual racing
  • State of the art simulators
  • Live performances
  • Electric go-Karts
  •  Ferrari racing memorabilia
  • The biggest Ferrari store 
  • Authentic Italian restaurants

Ferrari World 

Observation Deck at 300

This exciting new tourist attraction provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the city of Abu Dhabi. It’s from here you can enjoy a fascinating bird’s eye view of the skyline, and the Arabian Gulf. As the name suggests the Observation deck is located 300 meters above ground making it the highest restaurant in Abu Dhabi. The Observation Deck at 300 boasts:

  • Uninterrupted views of the marina
  • Wheelchair-friendly 
  • Valet parking for visitors
  • A la carte menu that includes exclusive tea blends
  • A selection of sandwiches, assorted salads, and desserts

Observation Deck at 300, abu dhabi tourist attractions

Qasr Al Hosn 

Peek into Qasr Al Hosn-Abu Dhabi’s exhibition center displaying the historic events of the city. The must-visit tourist spot in Abu Dhabi is the oldest exhibition here and narrates the story of the city and its people. The iconic structure is featured on the back of the AED 1000 note. It was built in 1760 as a watchtower to safeguard the freshwater well. It serves Abu Dhabi’s Royals home since the 18th century.

Following extensive restoration in 1973, the historic landmark served as an ancestral home of the ruling Al Nahyan family. It was later developed into a tourist attraction exhibiting photographs that keep memories of the past fresh. Qasr Al Hosn features four crucial buildings including:

  • The House of Artisans
  • The Cultural Complex
  • The Al Hosn Palace 
  • The National Consultative Council

Qasr Al Hosn 

Warner Bros World

Welcome to the family-friendly fully air-conditioned indoor amusement park. It’s located on Yas Island near Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld. The park offers six immersive zones including: 

  • Gotham City & Metropolis-Imitates fictional DC characters including Spiderman and Batman
  • Bedrock-Themed on Flintstones
  • Cartoon Junction and Dynamite Gulch-Features cartoon libraries of Looney tunes and Hanna Barbera
  • Warner Bros Plaza-showcases old school Hollywood

Warner Bros World, abu dhabi tourist attractions

Yas Waterworld

Prepare to get frisky in one of the world’s top 12 water parks-Yas Waterworld. The park boasts:

  • 40 exciting and unique rides and slides for you to enjoy.
  • Multiple restaurants and cafes
  • A children’s play area

The waterpark notably enjoys close proximity to other popular tourist attractions including: 

  • Yas Marina Circuit
  • Ferrari World
  • Warner Bros Amusement Park

Yas Waterworld

Emirate’s Park Zoo & Resort

This makes one of Abu Dhabi Tourist Attractions that are family-friendly. The Park Zoo and Resort highlights: 

  • A variety of activities and animal interactions 
  • A Petting Zoo
  • The Bird Park
  • The Wildlife Park
  • The Farm
  • The Aquarium
  • The Reptile House 
  • A sea lion show
  • The elephant show

Emirate’s Park Zoo & Resort, abu dhabi tourist attractions

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While Abu Dhabi is considered to be a more conservative emirate, its diversity of must-see attractions are far-reaching.

Abu Dhabi Tourist Attractions literally have everything from traditional heritage experiences, theme parks, historic landmarks, nature activities, and animal encounters. These together make it an attractive destination for tourists.

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