All you Need to Know About Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi

Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi is ethereal and plays a great role in linking the past to the future. The museum is a perfect definition of bringing the world together under a canopy of light. 

Louvre Abu Dhabi is a regal display of art and civilization. It’s UAE’s newest cultural beacon bringing together different cultures sharing the story of humanity. At the Louvre Museum, any art you encounter will bring a realization of what it means to be human. 

The Museum’s origin dates back to 2007. This followed France and the UAE coming together to develop a one-of-a-kind cultural institution. The Louvre Museum’s inauguration took place on  8th November 2017.

A Sneak Peek Into Louvre Museum 

The Architecture 

Everything here is a work of art. This makes the Louvre Museum worth a visit just to marvel at its dreamy visage. The Architect behind the international monumental masterpiece is Jean Nouvel. The architecture is nothing short of future developments. 

What to Expect 

  • Multi-low rectangular buildings with a gorgeous dome of latticed metal made of 7,850 geometric stars of varying sizes. They allow sunlight to cascade through the whitewashed galleries and courtyards below. This results in a magnificent “rain of light.”
  • The museum’s design is reminiscent of an Arabian medina. This is from its 55 detached buildings, 23 accounting for galleries. 
  • The Museum’s structure highlights a white-on-white palette blended with standard materials including marbles, concrete, and metal. These combined with the artwork, the Museum’s phenomenal lines, and stunning gulf backdrop results in such a  stunning center stage.

dubai louvre museum Architecture 

The Collection

Since 2009, Louvre Museum has consistently been building an impressive collection adding up to more than 600 pieces in its permanent reserve. The pieces are all from ancient to modern art.

As an honor to the partnership with Paris, the Louvre museum pairs 300 pieces side-by-side with 300 incredible works from 13 prominent French museums such as:

  •  Pollock from the Pompidou
  • A Monet from the d’Orsay
  • A statue of Ramses II 
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s La Belle Ferronnière
  • Ai Weiwei’s Fountain of Light 

What to Expect 

  • A chronologically arranged collection
  • A  walk through the art’s history as well and a narrative historical overlaps of art
  • A fascinating permanent collection with paintings, sculptures, and artifacts from different civilizations
  • 12 distinct galleries on display that will give an understanding of the interconnectedness of the world through time

abu dhabi louvre museum Collection

The Restaurant 

What to Expect 

Louvre’s Museum features floor-to-ceiling windows that gracefully overlook the Arabian Gulf. Enjoy loads of chef-prepared cuisine served on platters pretty just like the art on the walls. 

A bistro-style restaurant and café are overseen by chef Roudy Petersen from the renowned Abu Dhabi seafood spot. The eatery is without a doubt a tasty detour after exploring the galleries.

Enjoy the flavorful bitings such as:

  • The camel mini burger dressed with harissa sauce and za’atar
  • The cool and crisp watermelon salad in coriander cress.

The Art Lounge-An open-air café atop the restaurant offers a plush relaxation as you enjoy the grandeur of the Museum’s show-stopping dome.

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abu dhabi louvre museum Restaurant 

Rotating Exhibitions 

Part of the Louvre Museum’s objective is to invigorate Emirati’s art scene with four dynamic exhibitions changing every few months. 

What to Expect 

An inaugural lineup including a “Co-Lab: Contemporary Art and Savoir-Faire” 

A partnership between four UAE artists and four French manufacturers

“Globes: Visions of the World,” exhibition that explores humanity’s search for knowledge and adventure through ancient Arabic and Islamic astronomy. 

An interactive Highway Gallery on the Sheikh Zayed Road to Dubai. It features 10 30-by-19-foot billboards highlighting the Louvre museum’s masterpieces. The gallery is accompanied by 30-second radio broadcasts making your drive into the city more adventurous.

Rotating Exhibitions 

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Louvre Museum is founded on a ‘universal philosophy’. This means uniting humanity’s creativity stories transcending individual cultures or civilizations, times, and space. This value can be seen in every aspect of the museum right from its collaboration between the two cultures.

This extends to the dazzling architecture combining French design with Arabic’s rich heritage. The museum is a pro cultural achievement of mankind, from the past to the modern-day.

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