The Popular Activities at The Red Dune Desert Safari 2021

The Red Dune Desert Safari Experience is an exclusive experience where you get to see firsthand the Dubai Desert. So, enjoy the various events capturing the beauty of the Dubai Desert and its wildlife.

The Dubai Adventure Safari features sightseeing of various wildlife animals and plants that inhabit the area. Sand Dune Safari Dubai has plenty of enjoyable activities to offer.

These include Dune bashing, Camel riding, henna painting, quad biking, and more! There are numerous Safari tours in the Dubai Desert. Evening desert safari, evening desert safari, Royal desert safari, and many more. Here are some of the best private desert safari Dubai activities.

Best Activities at the Red Dune Desert Safari

Bashing the dunes 

Start your adventure Private Dubai Desert Safari with the exciting experience of dune bashing through the Dubai Desert. Prepare to ride over Dubai’s sand dunes.

Witness the Dubai Desert sunset as the dune bashes across the desert. The thrilling experience is sure to be a memorable one. This one of kind experiences is a popular part of the whole Red Dune Desert Safari.

Camp on the Dubai Desert 

Travel into the Dubai Desert Camp to feel the Arabian traditional atmosphere. This is one of the most important parts of the red dune desert safari experience.

Treat yourself to typical Arabic tea and coffee. Enjoy the soothing environment and finish up your day at the Dubai Desert Resort. Desert Camp Dubai is a critical part of the Dubai Desert Experience.

Take the typical complimentary Arabic henna painting and experience the practice first-hand. Complete your typical dining experience with our delicious BBQ dinner buffet.

Camel Ride 

The Bedouins used camels in harsh climes to travel through the desert. Camels thus played an enormous role in helping the Bedouin live in the harsh desert climate.

Camel riding is an exciting experience at the desert camp and is a must-try. Wander on a camel around the camp and get a rare view of the area.

Camels are sweet creatures that will show you around the camp. Make sure you try to get them running!

Quad Bike

Ride a quad bike ride along the golden sands of Dubai. Whether you’d like an exciting trip through the sands or just want to first-hand explore the Arab dunes, the quad bike experience is the best way to do that.

Some of the best Desert Safari Tours

Desert Safari for the evening 

Wrap up your day with our red dune desert safari for the evening. With our various activities, such as dune bashing, camel riding, and henna painting, enjoy a relaxing yet exciting evening.

View the breathtaking scenery as the sun sets upon Dubai’s golden sands. Certain events include: delving into the souvenir show stalls, taking pictures with a falcon, and having a photo session in traditional Dishdashas and Abayas.

Finally, finish your day by indulging in our lovely BBQ dinner buffet. Ultimately, this tour is for visitors who want to witness the wonderful sunset at Dubai ‘s rich dunes and enjoy various activities that will ensure a memorable experience.

Evening desert safari

Desert Sunrise Safari 

Start your day with a view on the dazzling sands of the rising sun. Instead, as the sun rises, enjoy the camel ride across the sparkling sands. Take a dive into the golden sands with the exciting experience of basing sand.

Don’t miss our Red Dune Desert Safari with the breathtaking views of the rising sun over the Dubai desert. To sum up, this tour is intended for visitors wishing to witness the breathtaking sunrise scenery over the golden sands.

sunrise desert safari dubai

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