All You Need to Know About Lifestyle in Dubai

Lifestyle in Dubai is exciting and among the happening destinations on the planet.  It’s the place to be if you’re seeking to enjoy your social life and your working life in the fast lane.

Things You Should Know About Dubai 

  • Dubai’s wealth is built on its oil industry. However, it has successfully diversified its economy and currently has multiple strands supporting its fiscal strength such as tourism, real estate, financial services, health, and education.
  • Foreign property buyers are allowed to own the freehold title for certain property in Dubai. This is unlike all other emirates within the UAE.
  • Lifestyle in Dubai has played a key role in contributing to a booming economy. The city particularly appeals to the international community as there’s an abundance of employment prospects and opportunities. 
  • The lifestyle in Dubai is considered exceptionally good. This is especially for visitors who benefit from a largely excellent climate, incredible leisure facilities, a laid back pace of life, and good healthcare standards
  • Dubai hosts an abundance of theme parks, private beach clubs, opulent shopping malls, cinema complexes, restaurants, indoor snowboarding, and the most remarkable music festivals. It’s a city with having it all

Things You Should Know About Dubai, lifestyle in dubai

Explore The Lifestyle in Dubai

Social Life

The social life in Dubai is fantastic and diverse. Visitors here can spend much of their downtime enjoying hotels and their amazing facilities. Beaches, diverse watersports centers, jet-ski, paddleboards, parasailing, and flyboarding.

The watersports in Dubai are a big deal with Wild Wadi, Laguna Water Park, and Aquaventure hosting the top-rated spots. Gyms can be found around the city starting from Crossfit boxes to well-known international brands. Notably, MMA gyms and yoga studios are on the rise.

The city is home to an Olympic standard ice rink at Dubai Mall. Ski Dubai at the Mall of Emirates is the city’s dedicated ski and snowboarding slope. Sports like football, basketball and tennis courts are also available. Adrenaline junkies can engage in thrills zip lining, hot air ballooning, dune bashing, and sky diving. 

Sports clubs here are closely concentrated together in Dubai than any other part of the world. In the evenings the social side shifts on bars, clubs, and restaurants with Dubai playing host with diverse options. 

Dubai is a very tolerant emirate. Very accommodating of others’ beliefs and ways of life. The Emirate one of the most moderate in applying the rules of Islam to everyone’s daily way of life. Visitors are allowed to buy alcohol in Dubai. It’s also allowed to eat and drink during the daylight hours on special occasions such as Ramadan.

Social Life


Dubai is blessed with multiple malls including the world’s largest mall-Dubai Mall.  Here you can shop for everything from Ikea furniture to traditional textiles.

A lot of things are tax-free. However, the importation costs can skyrocket depending on the items imported. VAT was introduced in 2018 at a 5% rate excluding basic needs like food, healthcare, and education. You will want to be extra careful especially if you’re on a budget.

Shopping in dubai


Health insurance is mandatory in Dubai. Every resident living in Dubai must be insured one way or another.

To obtain a residency visa valid health insurance is necessary. The new law is part of Dubai’s efforts to become one of the most advanced countries in healthcare.

Healthcare dubai

The Cost of Lifestyle in Dubai 

The cost of accommodation in a decent rental apartment in a good location can be as much as GBP 15,000 annually. Note this has to be paid upfront. If you are looking to buy a property in Dubai, you may have to wait for a couple of years for an off-plan apartment or villa to be completed. Alternatively, dig deeper into your pockets for top dollar resale property.

If you already own property in Dubai and looking to rent it out, it’s possible to achieve yields of between 8 and 11%.

The cost of medical insurance and healthcare is high, but the quality is exceptional.

The basic day to day grocery costs are average, alcohol is pricey. Alcohol can only be purchased in hotels, bars, and clubs. If you have a license, you can have some for your own home.

The Culture Shock in Dubai

Some facts that might shock you include:

  • Unmarried couples are not allowed to live together.
  • Adultery, getting into debt, and even bouncing a cheque is considered a crime and punishable by prison and deportation 
  • Drinking and driving is unacceptable
  • Non-prescribed drugs are not allowed
  • Dressing conservatively is highly encouraged
  • It’s impossible to get your own car in Dubai. This is until you have a local driving license. However, you can rent a car on your international license.
  • The city can boast driverless Metro trains, Tesla taxi cars, and self-driving buses are on the rollout. Commuting in public transport in Dubai is a perfect option if you wish to avoid the hassle of driving.

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Dubai as a destination boils down to personal choice. Some people will love it and some people won’t. However, what’s certain is that if you love the lifestyle in Dubai, you will save an unbelievable amount of tax and afterward build much more wealth than you ever could back home!

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