All You Need to Know About UAE Traditions

The UAE, also known as Abu Dhabi, is undoubtedly one of the world’s most dreamy travel destinations. UAE has a rich Emirati culture that revolves around the state of the art architecture, sports, diverse occupations, unique, and well kept UAE traditions.

Beautiful arts, fine crafts, a tasty variety of foods, many sites of historical and archaeological significance, lavish lifestyle, and values embedded in the Islam religion. While it may not be a cheap place to travel to in terms of monetary cost, the experience can not have a price tag to it.

Most people who have been to the UAE can tell you for free that the experience is unforgettable and that most have traveled back to the UAE more than once and will gladly do it again and again. 

Some of The Fascinating UAE Traditions Include:


UAE’s staple food is rice, fish, and meat. The most preferred choice of meat is mutton and lamb. Another interesting fact is that they consume dates as part of their meals.

The date fruit is considered as their ‘National Fruit.’ Their favored beverages are tea and coffee, which they often spice up with mint, cardamon, and saffron as supplements, which is why it has such a distinctive flavor.

The most popular dish/cuisine in the UAE is Al Harees, a traditional Arabic meal consisting of meat (specifically chicken), wheat, and salt. It is a ubiquitous treat during all special events, including Ramadan, birthdays, Eid, and weddings.

Al Harees is prepared by first cooking the ground wheat in a cooking pot with a small pinch of salt, and in it, the meat is incorporated.

uae traditional food

Religion and Culture

Most of the UAE traditions, if you look closely, are similar to the Islam religion and Arabic culture. Their music, architecture, and even lifestyle. Yet they are very multicultural and accommodate other religions comfortably. UAE is a predominantly Muslim nation.

Religion and Culture


Another very distinctive feature of the Emirati culture is the dressing code. The people of the UAE are very conservative when it comes to the mode of dressing.

One is expected to decently cloth their whole body with no body parts exposure, especially when going out to public places. Even visitors need to dress decently.

Men dress in white cloaks, better known as ‘kandura’, also known as a ‘dishdash’ / ‘thawb’. The UAE Traditions attires consist of costly fabrics because of their high quality, and the garments are quite pricey.

UAE Traditions Dressing 


UAE is also known for its world-class hospitality industry. It’s home to the creme de la creme of hotels in the world. Must visit sites, to mention but a few: 

Yas Waterworld, a waterpark with an Emirati cultural background at its heart. The central theme is the Lost Pearl. It covers the story of one young Emirati lass on a journey to locate a legendary pearl. At the top is Jebel Dhana. The centerpiece that towers the park is a gigantic pearl, causing The Lost Pearl intended theme to come alive visually. 

The Camel Ride Dubai is a must-visit in the UAE. You can enjoy Camel Riding Safaris across the Dubai Desert. Here you take a few steps back to the ancient cultural heritage and discover the beautiful historical Dubai dating almost five decades ago. 

Note: Hospitality is the most famous UAE Traditions.

UAE Traditions Hospitality

Other breathtaking activities include Arabia Horizons, Wildlife drives Dubai,  Helicopter Flight Dubai, Dubai Dinner Cruise, Dune BashingDubai Water Parks. UAE has much more travel experiences.

These are royal experiences where you learn so much at the same time enjoying so much. Cultural diversity upholds traditional values, yet very modern advancements in technology, infrastructure, and architecture.

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UAE is a must-try for all you adventure lovers who get thrilled by new experiences. Throw in some UAE traditions, and you’re assured of a lifelong unforgettable adventure.

Beautiful sceneries, world-class services, state of the art aesthetic beauty, hospitable hosts, unique UAE traditions such as their cuisines, lifestyle, language, and much more. Too good not to try.

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