Private Desert Safari Dubai: A Guide to a Unique Experience

One of the most popular tours in Dubai is the Private Desert Safari Dubai tour. This tour is adored by many tourists and is a great experience for those who want to explore the golden dunes of Dubai. There are many different types of desert safari and Arabian nights in Dubai.

Each has its unique features and activities. There are 2 types of Private Safari in Dubai, a private car in your desert safari and a private camp. In this post, we will talk about both types of private desert safari tours.

What are the Both Types of Private Desert Safari Dubai?

Private Car in Desert Safari

This type of private desert safari Dubai is not a full private desert safari. This is rather a private car that will take you from and to the camp. Usually, the desert safari tour is done with a sharing car that will pick you from the hotel and drop you back after the tour.

The camp will be shared and the only transportation is private. There are a couple of benefits for having a private car for your Arabian nights Dubai and other desert safari tours. One of the most anticipated activities in the desert safari tour is the dune bashing experience.

With a private car, you are in control of the experience. You may choose to have a less thrilling dune bashing or an extremely thrilling experience. Our drivers are well-trained and capable of doing the experience up-to your liking. 

Private Desert Camps

The other type of private desert safari Dubai is a whole private camp. The whole camp will be private and will be equipped with staff ready to serve the guests. The desert camp can hold up to 1000 people but is usually visited by 600 people at a time.

There is an option for a smaller camp that can hold up to 250 people and is usually booked for huge events such as weddings, team building activities, private functions, and company product launches. 

The private desert camp comes with all the activities that are usually provided and additional activities can be arranged if available. This will ensure that the experience is fully tailored to your liking. 

What are the Different Safari Tours?

Evening Desert Safari

Whether you want to watch the beautiful sunset or experience the beautiful night sky, then the evening desert safari is just the way to do so. The evening desert safari is by far the most popular and demanded desert safari tour.

This magnificent desert experience is beloved by many tourists and is the number one choice for most desert safari seekers. The evening desert safari is the best way to experience the true Arabian nights Dubai and is packed with various fun and joyful activities.

Some of the fun activities available during the evening desert safari tour includes dune bashing, henna painting, camel riding, and many more! This tour is a relaxing way to wrap up your day.

Gaze at the shining stars and capture the true beauty of the Arabian desert. This tour is one of the most demanded and is often the choice for those who want to book a private desert safari Dubai.

Evening Desert Safari

Sunrise Desert Safari

Do you want to watch the beautiful sunrise over the golden dunes of Dubai? If that’s the case, then the sunrise desert safari is just what you needed.

In this tour, you will be able to take stunning images of the sunrise over the golden sands of Dubai. Enjoy various activities during the tour such as camel riding and sand bashing. This simple yet exciting experience is loved by many.

Sunrise Desert Safari

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“Now that you have an idea of the Private Desert Safari Dubai, you can make informative decisions while choosing your private safari tour.

Experience the best Arabian nights Dubai with the evening desert safari tour. These are some of the desert safari tours that we provide. Learn more about these tours and many more at our Dubai Tourism Website.”

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