Desert Safari Dubai Tickets, Reserves, and Resorts

Have you read a fiction novel that took place in the Arabian desert? It feels like going on a Dubai desert safari trip or having camp experience. In this blog, we will introduce you to amazing desert gateways, camps, and conservation reserves that safari tours usually operated at. Also, we will list some prices for desert safari Dubai tickets.

The magical and charming desert landscape of the city encourages adventure lovers and big cities escapers to do such outstanding tours and trips. One of the highly recommended activities in the United Arab Emirates is desert safari camp, and desert activities Dubai.

Desert Safari Dubai Tickets and Activities

It would be a mistake to leave Dubai without trying out desert camp with its Bedouin culture background and thrilling activities. Desert safari Dubai tickets and activities are connected to each other. The price of the tour depends on the activities included in the camp and timing for sure. 

Since our talk is all about camping locations in this blog, here are some of the main activities you can do it in Dubai desert camps:

  • Camel riding is one of the main reasons.
  • Sandboarding on the high steep red dunes.
  • Off-road dune bashing for 30-45 minutes.
  • Self-drive quad biking.
  • Self-drive dune buggy.
  • Stargazing and astronomy session by telescope.
  • Bedouin theme camping tent.
  • Folklore shows and traditional performances.
  • BBQ dinner with drinks and beverages.
  • Wildlife drive in Dubai desert conservation reserve.
  • Enjoying the falconry show.


Tickets and Prices of Safaris We Offer

For those who have visited our site before, they already know that we offer a wide range of desert activities Dubai at different prices. As an experienced operation team that has been working in the desert safari tourism field for years, we make sure to satisfy all tastes and meet our client’s demands. 

By keeping this in mind, we operate a variety of safaris in Dubai city with high-quality services and reasonable prices.

To help find out the suitable desert safari camp for you, and make your research much easier, we have divided our safari tours into three main categories: adventures, heritage, and luxury. Each one enhances a certain theme, and we will mention some of the prices and desert safari Dubai tickets

Best Camping Locations in Dubai Desert 

Escape the crowd and traffic jams of the cities and take a short break in the charming desert of the United Arab Emirates. It is a fact that 80% of the country’s space is a desert landscape, and it is inhabited by a wonderful environmental ecosystem. 

Enjoy experiencing the wildlife of Dubai and take a look at the most stunning campsites used in safari tours. We will mention some luxury desert resorts if you like to have an extraordinary desert trip.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

The desert conservation reserve is located between the coast and the Empty Quarter and has enough water to maintain the life of fauna and flora. It was once a place of nomadic Bedouins to hunt and camp for having many water resources. 

During the huge development that the country has witnessed in the last 50 years, some of the rare species started to fade and the plants to be damaged. To protect the original environment of the U.A.E, the government declared the desert areas as a conservation reserve in 2003. 

The reserve is 225 square kilometers and represents home for two main species: the gazelles and the Arabian oryx which is considered the national animal of the country besides the falcon. 

Wildlife drive-by vintage land rovers you can do it in the reserve as part of the heritage safari tour. This is allowed besides taking photos of the animal and oasis, but dune bashing is forbidden in such protectorates because it is not really environment-friendly activity. 

The desert safari Dubai tickets for wildlife drive and a falconry show cost USD 143 per person.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve

Al Marmoom desert conservation reserve is one of the popular places that embrace the cultural aspect of the country, and people also know it as the man-made Quadra lakes. The reserve is a home for more than 26 reptile species and more than 39 plant species. It also has from 300 to 500 flamingos.

Such a gift of mother nature must be appreciated and protected well. Any kind of wheel drive activity is forbidden in the reserve to maintain the life of these amazing animals. However, culture experience tour is organized in Al Marmon for tourists and visitors that include:

  • Camel riding.
  • Falcon show.
  • Traditional BBQ dinner.
  • A visit to a Bedouin village.
  • Star astronomy session.
  • Hearing old stories from local Bedouins. 

These desert cultural tour tickets cost USD 135 per person. 

Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve

Jebel Ali Desert Resort 

Jebel Ali resorts or known as Sahara Desert resort 37 million square feet of desert sands. The Arabian traditional themed resort is set as the old mud houses of local Bedouins in the past. The resort offers 5-star services, and hosts horses and camels for visitors to see.

Most of the royal desert safari camp includes an open buffet dinner in the Sahara resort, dune bashing, and folklore show. 

Desert safari Dubai tickets for a royal safari tour cost USD 135 per person and can be found on our site.  

Sahara Desert resort

Bab Al-Shams Desert Resort

Bab al-Shams resort It is more like a desert paradise, it’s between the dunes of the Dubai desert. It is 45 minutes away from Dubai airport and is classified as a luxury hotel and resort that hosts wild animal species like gazelles and camels. 


Jebel Ali Desert Resort 

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From all desert activities Dubai, let us know your favorites, and what kind of desert safari Dubai tickets you are going to book. There are countless camp locations and desert resorts in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in general, but we have mentioned a few yet recognizable. 

Trying the Bedouin desert lifestyle is an experience that will be remembered forever. Dubai safari has a lot to offer, from dune bashing, cultural experiences in Bedouin villages to spotting rare species of animals in wildlife drives. 

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