Arabian Tours: An Authentic Arabic Experience

Have you ever dreamed of going on authentic Arabian tours before? A visit to a desert safari camp in Dubai is an exciting memorable Arabian adventure.

Dubai is located within the sprawling desert landscape of the Arabian Desert. It’s home to endless tracks of sandy dunes. The Arabic tour makes for an adventure like no other exploring the exceptional charm of the desert scenery. Not mentioning immersing yourself in the exotic culture of the Bedouins.

A Typical Arabian Tours Experience

Dubai Arabic Culture

Adventure and Thrills

On an Arabian tour, you will indulge yourself in a variety of thrilling activities. These include:

  • Dune bashing
  • Desert safari camp Dubai
  • Quad bike tours
  • Buggy Rides
  • Sand Boarding
  • Wildlife drive
  • Camel Rides

A taste of Arabic Culture

Arabian tours are incomplete without a taste and feel of Arabic Culture. This includes rocking Arabic costumes and getting henna tattoos.

The desert camp is designed in Bedouin-style highlighting carpets and low tables, bringing about an authentic Arabian ambiance. In addition, you will enjoy Arabic cuisine for dinner along with entertaining shows that consist of falconry, Tanoura dance show, belly dancing, horse dance, or fire dance.

Sunrise or Sunset

You can choose a morning safari for a chance to see the golden sunrise or an evening safari to see the sun sinking down the rolling dunes.

Arabian Tour Camping Locations

There are several locations to choose from when looking to visit a Dubai desert safari camp Dubai.

Arabian Tour Camping Locations

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The Dubai Desert conservation reserve was once a place where nomadic Bedouins used to hunt and get water. The area underwent some serious damage following the huge developments in the UAE. Luckily, it has been under conservation by the government since 2003 to protect the flora and fauna.

The reserve is home to the gazelle and Arabian oryx, which you will get to see during a safari drive. Dune bashing is forbidden in the reserve. However, there is a host of other fun activities at the reserve such as falconry and wildlife drive.

Al Marmoom Desert Experience

Al Marmoom is the best location for an Arabian cultural experience. The main activities visitors experience include:

  • Camel safari
  • Falcon shows
  • Traditional barbeque dinner
  • A visit to the Bedouin village
  • Star astronomy session
  • Storytelling from local Bedouins

Jebel Ali Desert Resort

This is a traditional Arabian resort, built like the old mud houses of local Bedouins from the past. The desert safari camp offers a variety of activities including:

  • A buffet desert safari with dinner at the Sahara resort
  • Dune Bashing
  • Folklore show
  • Bab Al Shams Desert Resort

This resort is a desert paradise located at the center of the Arabian Desert. The resort hosts a variety of wild animal species such as gazelles and camels.

Arabian Tour Packages

Sunrise Desert Safari

If you wish to see the sun rising above Dubai’s golden sand dunes, this is the package you need to book. You will get to enjoy other activities such as camel riding and dune bashing.

Evening Desert Safari

For visitors seeking to experience everything about the Arabian culture, the evening desert safari is a perfect package. The safari is full of fun activities available during the tour. These include dune bashing, camel riding, henna painting, and trying out Arabian costumes.

In the evening, the Arabian night comes to life as you experience the true beauty of the Arabic sky. Enjoy a delicious barbeque dinner and entertainment shows that include belly dancing and Tanura dance shows.

Private Desert Safari

This is an exclusive package where you can book the entire camp with a group of friends. The desert camp can hold between 250 and 1000 people and is suitable for big events such as weddings, company product launches, team building activities, and other private functions.

For this package, you can enjoy all the normal desert camp activities or request additional ones to match your preference.

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An Arabian tour is truly complete with a visit to a desert safari camp in Dubai. Get to enjoy the exotic Dubai landscape as well as the lovely culture of the Bedouins.

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