Activities in Dubai Adventure Tours | Desert Safari Price 2021

Dubai adventure tours are identified by Safari tours in Dubai. It is the number one activity that should be on your list when coming to Dubai without thinking twice. The safari tours are popular and highly requested amongst the locals and foreigners who are seeking desert camping and adventure trips. 

Since the U.A.E hosts within its borders part of the empty quarter desert, and lands that beat with rare sand ecosystems, it stands as a perfect environment for safari and adventurous tours. Desert Safari price can differentiate according to the activities included, which will be explained in this blog. 

What Determines The Desert Safari Price 

 Desert safari price is determined according to many factors like:

  • The type of tour: There are many types of safari trips. Some of them depend on highlighting physical sports and activities, and they are called adventure safaris. The other part embraces more the Bedouin culture and environmental awareness which is called Heritage safaris type.
  • The timing of the tour: Is it done in the morning, evening, sunrise time? And it depends also on whether you will have an overnight in the camp or not.
  • The activities included in the itinerary: Not all desert safaris have a Bedouin camp or BBQ dinner. Some tours depend mainly on dune bashing, and others on the wildlife drive.
  • The privacy of the Dubai adventure tours: a wide range of the operated safaris in Dubai offers on a private and shared basis, and this plays a huge role in setting the price.
  • Dubai desert safari rates:  this could be an effective element for operating companies and travel agencies in determining their price. customer reviews and rates play a significant part for sure.
  • The services are given: the quality of services is something we cannot argue about because you get what you pay for after all. Some operators over hotel pick-ups and drop-offs and some do not. If you have a desert camp, it is not necessary to find a fleek. Some companies have tired and unorganized camps with low quality served food. So, make sure to choose the right tour operator.
  • The used vehicle: we have made a whole blog talking about different kinds of vehicles used in safaris, which is called “vehicles used in safari, jeep safari Dubai”. There are quad bike tours, dune buggy, vintage land rovers for wildlife drives, and four-wheel drive for dune bashing which could be Jeep, land cruiser, or hummer. 
  • Desert safari price also depends on the time of the year. Some holidays “peak times” like Christmas, Easter, and New Year’s Eve have different prices which are usually more expensive than the rest of the year. 

What Determines The Desert Safari Price 

What Kind of Activities are Included in Dubai Adventure Tours 

If you have browsed through our company website, you will find out that we are dividing our safari tours into three main categories. This makes your search much easier and helps you choose a suitable trip for you.

We have an adventure collection, heritage collection, and luxury collection. Each category with its own desert safari price and desert safari rates. We will give a short brief of some main activities which are done in these three kinds of safari:

  • Dune bashing.
  • Camel riding.
  • Sandboarding.
  • Wildlife drive.
  • Bedouin camp experience. 

Dune Bashing 

What is dune bashing

For those who have not been to safaris before, dune bashing is a thrilling and exciting four-wheel drive activity. You drive on the steep sand dunes up and down and go through the high heels in a spacious land cruiser, jeep, or patrol.

The process of this rough sport requires a highly trained and licensed safari driver, and if not, a penalty will be taken. 

Dune bashing is done off-road, out of the protectorates and desert conservation reserves. Because it might damage and ruin the plants and flora life of the Dubai desert. enjoy 30-45 minutes of dune bashing, and tell us what you think.

Camel Riding 

Camel riding is one of the great Dubai adventure tours for embracing the Emirati culture. Local Bedouins depended on camels to survive their lives in the desert. it was their only way for transportation back then.

Camels are a symbol of the vibrant and rich culture of the U.A.E, and the country is doing its best to keep them safe and protected. 

A typical safari tour shall include a few minutes of camel riding that can be repeated, but if you want long enough riding in a traditional caravan, then you should go for a camel safari Dubai tour. 


Sandboarding might seem too difficult to do, but all you have to do is balance your body. After you are finished with the dune bashing session which is often scheduled before sunset, you stop by high soft dunes to try out boarding.

I can tell you that this activity is pretty fun and hilarious. You can fall out as much as you can, it does not matter, just have fun and keep trying. 

There will be a safari instructor that will tell you what to do and help out while giving you aboard and helmet. Balance your body while slipping down the dune and stick your feet well to the border. 

Bedouin Camp Experience 

Desert safari price changes if the tour includes Bedouin camp experience which is more cultural and introduces you to the Emirati traditions. The camp is themed as a Bedouin tent that has many stations that displays the old life of a common Bedouin. 

There is a bread-making station, falcon station, henna tattoo, Arabic shisha, and the most amazing is the greeting when you enter the camp by Arabic coffee and dry dates.  

You will get to dress the traditional customs of the Emirati people and take photos with falcons. Enjoy the BBQ dinner followed by entertainment shows like belly dancing, Tanura, yola performance, and drumming session. 

Wildlife Drive 

The wildlife drive is included instead of dune bashing in the Heritage safari collection. If you want to know more about the fauna and flora life in the Dubai desert, then you should try out the wildlife drive in the Dubai desert conservation reserve.

You will spot rare species and spectacular Arabian gazelles, oryxes, and desert foxes round natural oasis surrounded by gaff trees forests. 


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Wonderful things you will do, and amazing sites you’ll visit in Dubai safari. It should be a priority whenever coming to Dubai city to experience amazing activities like camel riding, dune bashing, sandboarding, and more.

Desert safari price is depending mostly on the activities included and the services given. Make sure to check desert safari rates before booking.  

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