Dubai Dolphinarium

  • Duration: 45 Minutes

Package Options

  • Regular Seating
  • VIP Seating


  • Enjoy a fun filled day out with the family in the company of Dolphins
  • Experience a 45-minute exceptional showcase by the bottlenose dolphins and fur seals
  • Interact with the dolphins and seals as they jump on the trampoline and play other stunts


The Dubai Dolphinarium stages a dolphin and seal extravaganza filled with incredible stunts, including juggling, singing and dancing.

Activity Options
Dolphin & Seal Show Regular
Package Details
USD 28


Price Info
 Adult ()Child ()Infant
SharingUSD 28150
Dolphin & Seal Show VIP
Package Details
USD 35


Price Info
 Adult ()Child ()Infant
SharingUSD 35230
Dolphin Planet - Meet & Greet (Touch)
Package Details
USD 72


Price Info
 Adult ()Child ()Infant
SharingUSD 7200
PrivateUSD 270 for 3 people
Dolphin Planet - Shallow Water (Knee Deep)
Package Details
USD 128


Price Info
 Adult ()Child ()Infant
SharingUSD 12800
PrivateUSD 513 for 3 people
Dolphin Planet - Deep Water (Swimming)
Package Details
USD 170


Price Info
 Adult ()Child ()Infant
SharingUSD 17000
PrivateUSD 675 for 3 people

What to expect

The Dubai Dolphinarium is an exclusive live performance extravaganza of Dolphins and seals.  You will get to watch the most exciting show featuring these talented sea creatures.  Get ready to be awed by their exceptional skills as they dance, sing, dance, paint, jump over hoops, dive in the water and perform the most difficult acrobatic stunts. They will also play games and tricks to make your experience more exciting and memorable. The show takes 45 minutes in an indoor arena fitted with a show pool. You can book the best seats, distributed on a first come first come basis and get to enjoy this mesmerizing performance. VIP seats are available for an even better view.


Booking Information

  • Confirmation for bookings is sent within instantly
  • Voucher is sent via email
  • If you do not receive the email, check the spam folder
  • Shows are scheduled from Monday to Saturday at 11:00 am, 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm


45 minutes of the Dolphin-seal live performance


Charges to Creek Park are not included in the ticket (Creek park charges are AED 5 per person)

How to Use

  • Present a mobile or printed voucher for the activity
  • Validity of the voucher is only for the day and time specified
  • You have to exchange the voucher for a ticket at the ticketing counter
  • The person who does the booking must present valid identification or passport and the voucher to get the physical tickets
  • Ensure the names used at the checkout are the same as on your ID card or passport


  • Gates are open 45 minutes prior to the scheduled time for the show
  • Guests must be seated 30 minutes before the show begins
  • 45 minutes of the Dolphin-seal live performance

Know Before you go

  • The dolphin-seal show is scheduled at three time slots per day
  • The time slots are 11:00 am, 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm

Important Information

  • Tickets are available for regular seating and VIP seating
  • VIP seating is at the centre of the arena and offers the best views
  • Regular seats are arranged in a perfect arc on either end of the VIP seats
  • Regular seats are on a first come first serve basis
  • To get the best seats, arrive at the arena at least 15 minutes earlier
  • Seats are distributed on a first come first serve basis
  • Dubai Dolphinarium is located at Creek Park
  • Creek park charges AED 5 per person as entrance fee

Additional Information

  • Children under 2 years are not charged
  • Children above 2 years require a child ticket
  • Children above 12 years require an adult ticket
  • All entrants require an NOL card with a credit minimum of AED 5 as charges for Creek Park
  • Charges to Creek Park are not negotiable
  • If you do not have an NOL card, you can buy one at the gate for AED 25
  • Tickets cannot be used with other promotions or discount prices
  • Show timings are liable to change without notice
  • The Dubai Dolphinarium reserves rights to reject entry or remove guests displaying inappropriate behavior without refund
  • Free seating is available for Friday (11am & 6pm), Monday and Saturday (11 am)
  • Free seating is applied during holidays
  • Tickets are valid only for the show issued
  • Tickets are not transferable or refundable

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