What to Expect in Desert Trip Dubai in 2021

Dubai megacity is an international hub for many businessmen and travelers nowadays, but there is a whole world of the desert to discover in the city far away from the urbanization and skyscrapers. Desert trip Dubai is one of Dubai excursions that you must try when traveling to Dubai because anything gets your heartbeats racing and rushes the adrenaline in your vain is worth doing.

The breathtaking experience of desert trip Dubai will allow you to see the real charm of Dubai where you can have an adventurous trip, connect with nature, and find your inner peace. Here is what to expect in.

Desert trip Dubai in 2020

Beyond the lights and glamour of downtown Dubai, there is some action waiting for you in Dubai desert safari location. Gather your friends and go on an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life. Some people get a little worry when it comes to desert trip Dubai, thinking about how safe it could be.

Arabia Horizons have operated safari tours for all adventure lovers out there and provided well selective programs for desert adventures included valuable services and all safety arrangements. It is hard to plan a trip on your own in Dubai city.

You will be ended up lost or confused. It is way better to hire a professional tour guide or book with a trusted Tour Operator. That’s why we have made a whole category for Dubai desert safari experiences and other selected tours in Dubai to cover up what you are looking for.

Dubai Desert Safari Experience

Your transportation will be our responsibility.  So, our safari guide will pick you up wherever you are by 4WD vehicle to be transferred to Lahbab (Dubai desert safari location) where usually desert trip Dubai is done. Enjoy dune bashing through the dunes and red hills. You can go for quad biking instead of driving a land cruiser if that suits you more.

Camp Activities  

You get to have more fun in sand boarding and camel ride activities. After having your tour in the desert and enjoying the spectacular view of the sunset, now it’s time for the fun part which is camping.

One of the greatest benefits of traveling is experiencing a new lifestyle and discovering other cultures.  That’s exactly what you’ll find in desert trip Dubai, in which you’ll get to know the real traditions of Bedouins.

Try on their traditional coffee with dry dates and live the life of locals. Have delicious BBQ dinner, draw some Henna tattoos while watch the camels gather in the desert preparing for their journey. Enjoy the clear sky full of stars and do some meditation in this relaxing atmosphere.

Most of Dubai desert safari experiences include camel riding, but this could be optional or up to you. If you would like to have camel riding included in your Desert trip Dubai, we will be more than happy to arrange you anything requested.  The best part is yet to come when you get to witness the dust and the sunrise upon the hills.

Take some photos of these unforgettable scenes and make some valuable memories. At the end of the trip, our representative will drive you back to your hotel/place. Such a fun experience that you defiantly must go for whenever coming to Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari Experience

Dubai Safari Park

We cannot speak Dubai desert safari experience without mentioning Dubai safari park. It is one of the most remarkable destinations In Dubai that you should visit. We are already one step ahead and have organized you a day tour to Dubai safari park.

It is a great option as a family trip with your kids. The eco-friendly park was a recreation of Dubai zoo on its 50th anniversary and contains about 2500 animal species from around the world. The Park is an active touristic place divided into multiple villages.

Dubai Safari Park Villages

Each village hosts waterfalls, lakes, and verdant landscaping that will capture your attention from the first moment. It covers up 12.8 million square feet and divided into Safari village, African village, Asian village, Wadi village, and Arabian village. The safari village has tiger’s cages with waterfalls, crocodile exhibits an African cheetah.

Next, there is the African village which is considered to be the star of the show in the park. It hosts the wildest animals of the Africa continent. The African village tries to imitate rainforests that feature white lions and chimpanzees. Keep in mind that the park in recently closed for some renovations, but it will be opened very soon.

Dubai Safari Park

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Safari in Dubai is an overall experience that can’t be missed. The land of the desert has too much to offer and many traditions to learn about. You don’t just do physical activities. You experience spiritual things and know about the whole culture of the desert. Desert trip Dubai with all of its kinds worth doing. Whether it is morning, evening, or overnight safari.

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