Rides and Attractions of VR Park Dubai Mall

Exhilarate your senses at the world’s largest virtual reality and augmented reality attraction in Dubai Mall. It’s an opportunity to discover more than 30 game-changing rides and experiences suited for all ages at VR Park Dubai Mall.

Rides and Attractions VR Park Dubai Mall

Get to experience a range of immersive attractions including:


Do you fancy King Kong from the movie’s climax atop the Empire State Building? Grab your Starbreeze’s StarVR headsets that will morph you into a massive weaponized cybernetic Ape.

Your task will be to escape your creator who wants to keep you captive. This is all while hanging onto the edge of a skyscraper. Falling will be an expensive mistake as the blasting and swatting drones set will be ready to take you down.

Make use of the fire projectiles to fight evil battle bots. How well can you balance on the narrow catwalk? You better bring your inner G to win the battle.

Burj Drop 

When we see window cleaners of the world’s tallest free-standing structure, we all wish to hang as casually on the majestic tower.

But, imagine you’re the window cleaner and your cables start snapping one by one. Get this experience with a combination of a VR set and immersive tactics allowing you to actually feel the adrenaline pumping drop.

Truly terrifying and how well you clutch onto the air for your life will be yours to decide. 

The Raft

The four-player experience calls for teamwork as there’s no way you’re escaping the wrath of supernatural creeps without combining the effort with your teammates.

The thrilling multiplayer VR experience will get your adrenaline rushing as you set out to the heart of the swamp and encounter outer-worldly creatures attacking you from all angles.

All it will take you is the combined effort of all players and the deployment of designated weapons and planned tactics to get you out safely. Make sure to put on your cooperative hats along and your VR guns before jumping onto the Raft.

John Wick Chronicles

How about role play as the infamous hitman John Wick? Take up challenging targets of assassinating nearly impossible targets as you stroll around the virtual city.

You also get to own an MP5 (VR).A whole opportunity to feel and work like a hitman armed with the submachine gun.

Payday: The VR Heist

The VR Heist allows you to team up with the baddest crews of Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains as you head to Washington DC to rob a bank!

The video game, Payday based on the first-person shooter is possibly the only chance you’ll probably ever get away with robbing a bank.

The VR Heist is an experience through the eyes of the heister. Right from walking into the bank, robbing and shooting cops. All with a full 360 vision and immersion. So mask on and get robbing!

The Walking Dead VR Park Dubai Mall

A zombie apocalypse hits the city and you’re bound to a wheelchair in a hospital. That means quick thinking because taking out these zombies is no easy task.

The virtual scene highlights a run-down, bloody hospital/asylum and well, decomposing dead bodies clad in white. Quite a nightmarish sight but it’s all VR stretching your imagination.

If you’re however a fan of The Walking Dead, zombie slashing, the thrilling, spine-chilling, gory game will be a wish come true.

Other thrilling experiences include:

  • Skydiving 
  • The Plummet
  • Dune Bashing 
  • An experience with scorpions and snakes crawling

Going with children? Be sure to allow them to experience the wonders of VR at:

  • The Geminose
  • The VR Carousel to explore beautiful creatures and the magic of music and dance 
  • Travel Bus that transports the kids to cities around the world 
  • The Robocom will move you through time and space, the jungle, sea, along with several other thrilling adventures along the way

Sports fanatics can head over to the VR Sports section for an extended engagement with a range of sports including:

  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey 
  • Boxing

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VR Park Dubai Mall has something for everybody from educational journeys to individual fun or multi-player experiences. Hence their unbeatable official tagline Challenge Reality stands duly true.

If feeling peckish after the adventures at the VR Park, check-in at PVRK Café for out-of-this-world treats. That’s the icing on the cake of your visit. 

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