Reasons to Experience Dubai with At The Top Tickets

So you want to experience the city of beauty and wonder from new heights? Well At the Top tickets is a sure-fire way to have an experience like no other from the feat of engineering-Burj Khalifa from At the Top observation deck. Before showing you how to acquire your ticket, below are 5 reasons to experience Dubai from At the Top, level 124.

Top 5 Reasons to Experience Dubai with At the Top Tickets

At the Top

Experience the world’s tallest manmade structure

The Burj Khalifa is a world record holder for the tallest manmade structure. Although you may never get close to breaking the world record, you can truly experience it here on level 124 of Burj Khalifa.

Extraordinary 360-degree views of Dubai

Experience panoramic views of downtown Dubai and the magnificent landscapes beyond from a unique bird’s eye view.

Finest Shopping, Entertainment, and Dining

Burj Khalifa not only surpasses gravity but all expectations. It gives Dubai a new glow and currently considered the city’s center for the finest shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Opportunity to take great snaps

At the Top, Level 124 yo get a chance to take beautiful snaps of the city, desert, and the ocean below you. Not to mention, when you come down beautiful, wondrous dancing fountains await you as they move to the beat of the music.

Learn about Burj Khalifa

Obviously not your typical kind of learning. Get to learn more about how the structure was built and the kind of planning that went into it which is very impressive all via images and videos.

Tips to At the Top 

Tips to At the Top

  • Book your At the Top Tickets online in advance to avoid the long booth queues.
  • Visit during sunset for utterly incredible views.
  • Look out for Dubai dancing fountains beside Burj Khalifa.
  • During special occasions e.g. the new year, be sure to catch the precise and breathtaking fireworks.
  • The crowd is minimal during morning hours e.g. 9:00 am meaning no queues if you’ve not already had your ticket booked in advance.
  • Take a keen look at the area around as there are tons of incredible things to do (Dubai Mall, Fountain show, Souk al Bahar, Dubai Opera & Burj Park).
  • Get a souvenir shot taken by the photographers. It’s ready & framed in a minute.
  • Besides enjoying the structure, don’t overlook the walkways and waterways. They’re incredible too!

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Visiting At the Top Burj Khalifa is an awe inspiring experience you definitely don’t want to miss out. Grab your At the Top Tickets at Arabia Horizons and experience Dubai in a unique fashion.

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