Top 5 Interesting Dinner Places in Dubai 2021

Are you looking for the most luxurious dinner places in Dubai? Dubai is full of a rich lifestyle. There are several dinner places that will amaze you. These dinner places serve dishes from all over the world. 

There are several world-class dinner places in Dubai. They have employed the best chefs from all over the world. Dubai provides your home kitchen services away from home. Enjoy premium packages with free dinner in these remarkable places. 

The dinner places are spread in Dubai. Have your dinner at the several skyscrapers of the city. There are also dinner places at the Dubai marina. Read on to find out these fascinating dinner places in Dubai.

Top 5 Dinner Places in Dubai

The Evening Desert Safari Dinner on the Desert

Purchase the desert safari tour package with dinner to enjoy dinner services in the desert camp. The prices for evening dinner starts at 150 AED. The tour is private and customized for you. You will enjoy a ride in an air-conditioned four-wheel drive in the desert. 

The desert safari is full of activities. Enjoy an intense dune-bashing, camel riding, and live shows. You will have a fun time watching the sunset from the desert. Take photographs from the rolling smooth dunes before going back to the camp. 

At the camp, you are welcomed with the most delicious dinner. The dinner is a delicious BBQ. As the dinner session progresses, you enjoy watching the breathtaking view of the falling sun and belly & Tanoura live shows. 

The Evening Desert Safari Dinner on the Desert, dinner places in dubai

The Lotus Mega Yacht Sunset Cruise

This is the most memorable dining experience you can have in Dubai. Enjoy this flawless dinner at prices as low as 199 AED.  Enjoy freshly and live cooked dinner as you cruise in this marvelous yacht. 

The dishes served in this luxurious dinner place in Dubai include several international dishes. There are dietary options such as vegetarian. There is ample space for the guests. You also enjoy services at your table.

The Lotus Mega Yacht Sunset Cruise

The Elegant Marina Royal Dinner Cruise

The marina royal dinner cruise gives you a remarkable experience. It is a traditional Arabic dhow. Enjoy a 2-hour cruise on the Arabic waters. The cruise passes along the wonderful landmarks in Dubai. 

You are provided with dates and delicious Arabic coffee at the beginning of the cruise. You can view the starlit landmarks of Dubai from the upper deck or the lower air-conditioned deck. 

Enjoy the fascinating views of the Dubai marina yacht club and the Dubai Marina Mall. The dinner is pre-packed. You can order a special request in advance. Enjoy the delicious buffet dinner and drinks. 

There are several drinks such as soft drinks, mineral water, tea, and Arabic coffee. The dinner is served on the cruise. The prices for the royal dinner cruise starts at 270 AED.

The Elegant Marina Royal Dinner Cruise, dinner places in dubai

Burj Al Arab Dinner at the Jumeirah

you are welcomed to dine in the several restaurants in the Burj Al Arab. The services are excellent at these restaurants. Also, enjoy a live piano session as you take your dinner.

Enjoy the elegant architecture of the Jumeirah as you walk along its corridors. The experience is marvelous with the gold-covered toilet bins and fast services. You can book your services online and have this wonderful dinner.

Burj Al Arab Dinner at the Jumeirah

The Burj Khalifa Hotel

The Burj Dubai hotel is one most visited dining places in Dubai. The hotel is situated at the top of the tallest building in Dubai, you will have a breathtaking view of the marvelous city. 

The Burj Khalifa also has several other hotels where you can have your excellent dinner services. The Armani hotel is highly rated for its cleanliness. There are plenty of special offers for guests. 

There are various family rooms where you can stay. The price of the rooms is affordable. On special occasions, the room packages include dinner at the hotel.

The restaurant has Italian cuisine services in the Armani Deli. You can choose your dietary options available. There are halal and vegetarian. 

You will enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine from the Armani Mediterraneo. The dinner served is for all the Mediterranean dishes.

Enjoy Japanese cuisine from the Armani Hashi. You can reserve a spot early. 

There is also Indian cuisine at the Armani Amal. You can reserve your spot early. They also provide an outdoor dinner session. 

The Burj Khalifa Hotel, dinner places in dubai

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These are the top 5 dinner places in Dubai. They are affordable and classy. Have your pick today and enjoy the most interesting dinner in Dubai.

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