Red Dune Safari | Explore Dubai’s High Dunes

The Arabian Desert is an exciting place where you can explore the red sand dunes and immerse yourself in the beautiful Arabic culture. The Red Dune Safari is your chance to go on an extraordinary desert safari and partake in all the exciting activities, from dune bashing to camel rides.

The Red Dune Safari Experience

Your red dune safari begins with pick up from the hotel. Ride a 4X4 vehicle into the desert and embark on your desert safari experience. Later, head to a traditional Bedouin camp where you will enjoy numerous activities. These include:

Dune bashing

Conquer the high dunes of the Dubai desert with an exciting dune bashing ride. You will ride a 4×4 vehicle through the desert landscape and thrash through the dunes.

The driver will guide you through the challenging terrain and give you an unforgettable ride as the vehicle travels through the dune peaks and sandy slopes.

Dune bashing in red dune safari


If you wish to feel the sand below your feet, try sandboarding. Use specially made sand boards to traverse the sandy dune slopes of the Arabian Desert. You can speed down the slope for an exhilarating experience.


Camel Riding

For a more tranquil experience, go on a camel ride and wander around the camp with a beautiful view of the desert landscape. The camel is a unique mammal used by nomadic Bedouins to travel through the harsh desert.

It is an important animal to the Bedouins and you will get to learn more about this desert animal.

Camel Riding in red dune safari

Henna Painting

Henna painting is an important ritual in Arab culture during festivals and other celebrations. Immerse yourself into the Arabic culture by getting a henna Tattoo with various designs and styles.

Henna Painting

Arabic Costumes and Photography

Try out different Arabic costumes available, for an extra feel of the Arabian culture. You can capture the moment with stunning photos with the red dunes as your backdrop.

Arabic Costumes and Photography in red dune safari

Barbeque Buffet Dinner

After an exciting afternoon, settle in for the evening with a sumptuous buffet dinner. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes available along with soft drinks and Arabic coffee.

Barbeque Buffet Dinner


The evening is not complete without an exciting entertainment session. You will watch exotic performances such as belly dancing and a Tanoura live show.

Entertainment in red dune safari

Red Dune Safari Packages

Book either of these tours with Arabia Horizons to go on a Red Dune Safari:

Evening Desert Safari

After pick-up from the hotel in Dubai, head over to the desert on a 4wheel drive vehicle. Go on a 30-minute dune bashing session and try sandboarding before heading to the desert camp.

Here, refresh yourself with unlimited soft drinks and have fun trying out Arabic costumes. Later, go for a short camel ride and see the desert sunset. You can also get a henna tattoo or unwind while smoking shisha.

In the evening, indulge in a delectable barbeque dinner and marvel at the entertaining performances that include belly dancing and tanoura live show.

Book your Evening Desert Safari now.

Dubai Camel Safari

You will be picked up from Dubai in a 4wheel drive vehicle. Head to the desert where you will join the convoy for a 30-minute or 1-hour camel ride. Later, head to the Bedouin desert camp surrounded by rolling red dunes.

Enjoy the Arabic cultural experience by trying out Arabic costumes of getting a henna tattoo. In the evening, have a taste of Emirati cuisine with an international buffet dinner as you watch entertaining live performances.

Book your Dubai Camel Safari now.

Royal Safari

After pick-up from Dubai, head to the desert for a thrilling dune bashing session in a 4×4 land cruiser. Later, go to the desert camp where you will receive an Arabic welcome with coffee, dates, and complimentary drinks.

Enjoy a short camel ride during sunset and get an immersive Arabic experience by trying Arabic costumes or getting a beautiful henna tattoo. When night comes, enjoy an international buffet dinner with live barbeque and entertainment.

Book your Royal Safari now.

Tips for your Red Dune Safari Tour

  • Dune bashing gets bumpy so have a light meal and avoid drinking too much water before the ride.
  • Listen to your instructor and adhere to safety instructions to avoid any accidents
  • Do not bring many valuables. Travel light for the tour

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A red dune safari is your exclusive access to explore Dubai’s desert and high dunes. With numerous activities to enjoy, this safari guarantees a fulfilling experience.

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