Helicopter Transport in Dubai to Explore The City

Helicopter transport in Dubai offers increased efficiency and innovation for a plethora of industry segments today.  From what nature has blessed it with to what man has added to its beauty, everything about the city is awe-inspiring.

Dubai city is absolutely stunning from its beaches, man-made islands, world-class skyscrapers, and everything bring out its wonder.

Whatever the purpose of your helicopter transport in Dubai, thorough planning, and a deep understanding of the expected deliverables are required. 

Types of Helicopter Transport in Dubai

A helicopter tour of the city of Dubai is definitely a privilege that few get to enjoy. See below some of the most popular helicopter transfers in Dubai.

Types of Helicopter Transport in Dubai

Seaplane Tour Dubai

A state-of-the-art Cessna seaplane takes you on a thrilling adventure as you swoop around top Dubai attractions, beaches, and the architectural wonders. 

Fly over Jebel Ali, Dubai Marina, Palm shaped man-made Island. Guests are treated to a whole new perspective of the country with panoramic views of some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and impressive landscapes.

Atlantis Helicopter Tour

Dubai is an embodiment of advancements in modern-day architecture. Having a bird-eye view of these magnificent structures and stunning coastlines is one fascinating fete. And this makes Atlantis helicopter tour a top of the list when planning your trip to Dubai.

Atlantis The Palm, is located on the man-made Palm Jumeirah Island. The adventure is filled with wonderful sights with outstanding views of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world.

During the flight, catch the mesmerizing Burj Al Arab and the extensive, magnificent Dubai coastline. Notably, helicopters fly at a much lower altitude than planes. That makes for better views compared to a plane’s window.  

Luxury VIP Services

This is a fast, efficient helicopter transfer service spanning across the UAE. Whether you are organizing a private pick up for your CEO, seeking to transport your team to a business meeting, or attend a premier event, luxury helicopter services ensure you and your guests are transferred comfortably and safely. 

Business Helicopter Charter

By far the most convenient way of getting to meetings and conferences. Business travelers and executives are increasingly preferring helicopter transfers in Dubai. A helicopter is a fast, and a time-efficient means of getting you to your chosen destination in style. 

Private Helicopter Charter

Attending a premium event such as the Dubai World Cup or the Abu Dhabi F1 or visiting the opulent Burj Al Arab in a private helicopter sounds like a perfect idea? It’s both a great way to arrive conveniently and in style. 

Helicopter Filming and Photography

The highly specialized operation requires the right helicopter, the right equipment, and pilots with a deep understanding of the needs of film crews. Fortunately, Dubai helicopter operators have highly versatile crafts customized for aerial and filming. It’s the maneuverability and stability that make such aircraft suited for videographers and photographers.  

What to Know About Helicopter Transport in Dubai

What to Know About Helicopter Transport in Dubai

  • All passengers are insured in accordance with the local UAE Civil Aviation Authorization regulations.
  • Passengers are required to bring their Passport ids to the Helipad check-in area.
  •  Flights are subject to weather and visibility conditions. Poor weather conditions can result in flight rescheduling for another time
  • A standard helicopter can carry up to 460 kilograms (1,014 pounds). Therefore a maximum number of passengers is advised prior to book your flight 
  • Smoking, food, and beverages are not allowed on the flight
  • Infants are not allowed on helicopter tours. Only children aged 2 years and above are allowed onboard.
  • Pregnant women are only allowed to fly during the first 32 weeks of pregnancy
  • For safety considerations, air traffic control stipulations, or other operational dynamics, tour routes may vary

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Helicopters prove to be an ideal mode of transport for many VIP, Private and Corporate owners, whether for business or leisure. Dubai rapidly evolving as one of the most popular tourist hubs in the world, thanks to its plethora of the magnificent places it hosts and the wide array of adventurous activities the city offers.

Helicopter transport in Dubai gives you the best of both worlds. You experience the unparalleled beauty of Dubai whilst still getting your adrenaline pumping as you soar thousands of feet above the ground. Visit our Dubai Tourism Website.

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