All you Need to Know about Helicopter Charter in Dubai 2021

Helicopter charter offers great flexibility not commonly found in fixed tours with an advantage of point to point travel. We highly recommend you book a helicopter ride whenever coming to Dubai for being designed to address a range of certain requirements. It is also accessible to most areas and city centers. 

Charters have the ability to land at hotels, helipads, and private properties if the land space allows which makes them very flexible and suitable for a city tour or difficult to reach destinations. The charters in Dubai give you the chance to discover the city like never before. 

What is The Helicopter Charter Used For

Helicopter charter is a great way to avoid the traffic jams of Dubai city and other cities in the United Arab Emirates. It was used as a way of transportation to airports, hotels, events, and others. Many charters a helicopter to avoid peak times at busy venues on the ground. 

Another use of hiring a helicopter is for city sightseeing short flights if you don’t want a fixed one. But that doesn’t actually differ a lot, because both of them get to introduce you to Dubai’s iconic landmarks. If you prefer to go on your own and make an itinerary, then you should look for a helicopter ride cost from now.  

Some of the charters can be used for both transferring and sightseeing as well. It depends on your request and demands.

What is The Helicopter Charter Used For

Private Helicopter Charter 

Helicopter charter is the ultimate choice when it comes to both business and leisure travel. You can find wonderful helicopter rental packages for those who are looking for a quiet flight experience with no intervention. 

Don’t hesitate to rent a private helicopter for its versatile use, and the ability to land down anywhere if the land space allows. 

It can be used to cover a wide range of purposes and trips including executive trips, passenger transfers, and sightseeing tours. 

Now when it comes to Dubai sightseeing flight, you have three options:

Seaplane Dubai

Seaplane tour Dubai is an interesting way to discover Dubai city by flights as well. There are private and shared tours. You can choose whatever you like.

You will have a breathtaking water take-off and landing from the minas and ports in Dubai, and your flight will last for 45 minutes in a very comfortable window seat. 

Seaplane is a bit different from the helicopter charter, but it provides good coverage of Dubai city as well. 

If the 45 minutes tour seems too long for you, you can choose a 20 minutes tour and check other options. The main covered attractions are:

  • The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa.
  • The luxurious hotel of Burj Al Arab.
  • The world islands and Palm Jumeirah.
  • The impressive 300 islands of the archipelago.
  • Port Rashid and Dubai creek.
  • Fly over Dubai Marina and admire the fleet of luxury yachts and cruises.

Helicopter Ride in Dubai 

There are a lot of helicopter rides in Dubai with different durations and prices, but the most important is that it covers a wide range of Dubai city’s popular highlights.

Sightseeing helicopter rides in Dubai are done in Eurocopter 30 model which is advanced and highly secured. 

Most of the flight landing and boarding locations are in Atlantis, the Palm, or Dubai Police Academy helipad spot. It depends on the flight you are booking.

However, you should be at the embarking location 30 minutes at least before the confirmed time of taking off. You will get to watch Dubai city from a whole other perspective of view, and from a different angle, you are not used to it. 

If you are going to book a helicopter ride in Dubai, put in mind that the attractions covered in the flight differs according to the time of the sky tour. There are several options from 15- 60 minutes rides. Each one covers a collection of attractions, but we can say that Burj Khalifa is included in all durations. Here are some of the main highlights included:

  • Atlantis the Palm.
  • Burj Khalifa.
  • Burj Al Arab.
  • Dubai coastline.
  • Dubai Creek.
  • Port Rashid.
  • Union House.
  • Jumeirah beach coastline.
  • Dubai Internet City.
  • Jebal Ali Race Course.
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers.
  • Dubai Marina. 

We highly recommend to book a helicopter ride, if you are searching for a fun touristic flight. 

Helicopter Charter in Dubai 

Helicopter charter is ideal for Dubai sightseeing tours. You can enjoy it privately with VIP vibes, or your friends and family can charter it with you. The fun part about this, is you do not stick to a certain landing and embarking location and timing. 

You define and choose your pick up location at the time you want. You are now questioning the helicopter ride cost. It is for real more expensive than a regular helicopter ride and seaplane, but the amazing services and flexibility you get make it absolutely worth it.

You are not also committed to the fixed tour program. You can simply fly over any landmark in the city that can come up in your mind.

Helicopter ride cost is charged per hour, and depends on the aircraft model you are hiring. Some of the charters are really easy to book. It is better to show up 30 minutes before the take-off. 

Private Helicopter Charter in dubai

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Helicopter Charter gives you the chance to see Dubai on the other side, and enjoy fantastic views of the city’s streets and quarters with the most vivid impressions. Chartering a flight offers a high level of advantages and benefits of transportation and sightseeing both with great flexibility. 

Such an excellent excursion, and great use of transfer if you are heading to an important event, and want to avoid the ground. You can discover Dubai’s main attractions from above by Helicopter flight Dubai, seaplane, or charter. It is up to you to choose the way it suits you with the price that matches your requirements. 

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