Explore The Mysterious Dubai Waterfall

One of the most popular attractions in the Dubai Mall is the Dubai Waterfall. This magnificent human waterfall is located in Dubai Mall and known for its artistic design and beautiful water cascade.

It’s one of the couple of water attractions/sights in Dubai Mall. Many of the visitors of the Dubai Mall pass by this amazing waterfall at least once. You will often see people taking pictures of the waterfall and selfies of themselves posing in front of the waterfall. 

Where is the Dubai Waterfall Located

It is located in The Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall is an entertainment hub full of spectacles and attractions from the Dubai Dino to the Sega Republic. After all, most Emiratis still view them as the ultimate shopping and luxurious destination in the Middle East.

Whether you’re a frequent shopper or a sightseeing tourist, you’ll definitely enjoy your visit to this massive and breathtaking shopping mall.

One of the art exhibits you’ll find in the Dubai Mall is the Dubai Waterfall where the cascading water occupies the mall’s height. A stunning water feature nestled right in the middle of this vast shopping center, it is truly a crowd puller, thanks to its spectacular nature and unique charm.

Though not as famous as the ice rink and aquarium of the mall, this eye-catching highlight is, to me, one of the Dubai Mall ‘s biggest and most fascinating special attractions.

Dubai Mall

What is Dubai Waterfall

This indoor magical attraction draws the attention of many visitors and shoppers. 

As a visitor of this artistic, man-made cascade, you’ll be able to lay eyes on a handful of stunning human sculptures with their hands stretched sideways, pretending to plunge down into the waterfalls. Those human divers are all made of fiberglass, by the way.

The cascade has a rhythmic movement of water that will produce a visual variety of animations. This flow has been made possible by an overhead reservoir feeding recycled water to its pair of cylindrical structures.

Also, a skylight perfectly illuminates the entire water attraction. As well as the sunlight coming from the massive windows of the store. making your viewing experience more pleasurable.

People know the fountain for its massive size and striking human figures. With a size of thirty meters and a height of twenty-four meters, this particular attraction is easy to locate.

Not to mention, the Dubai waterfall runs all the height of the mall, making it visible to viewers from all four levels of the mall. However, the Human Waterfall Dubai Mall is more than a simple visual spectacle.

It has become a popular meeting spot for people visiting the mall with its laid-back feel and fun features. In addition, a multitude of palm trees surrounds it to recreate the calming feeling of a true desert oasis.

Dubai Mall Waterfall

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