Enrich Your Life With The Best of Desert Adventures

Desert safari tour experience will be a memory that you will never forget. The thrill of driving through the environment of the desert is like no other experience. All of Dubai sightseeing and tours on one hand and Desert adventures is another whole different branch that we consider is a must-do when coming to Dubai.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of travel agencies and companies in UAE that operate some desert adventures with very cheap prices and overrated flattered words that don’t actually describe the real services they provide.

Morning Desert Adventures

Desert Adventures Timings and Pick-Ups

One of the basics desert adventures in the morning one. You start in the early morning and get picked at about 9:00 am form your hotel in Dubai. Drive all the way to the desert by a 4WD vehicle.

When you arrive take a break for 20 minutes before starting dune bashing. Meanwhile, safari captains are preparing the cars for the off-road dune bashing by deflating the tires.

Now, it’s time to hit up the dunes and go wild in the desert. Make sure not to eat or drink anything heavy right directly before doing bashing, so you don’t throw up or get dizzy.

Desert Adventures Tour Activities

The thrilling session of dune bashing requires a real professional and licensed Safari driver, and not just any driver because it is hard to maintain the vehicle’s balance while going up and down the dunes. After the bashing is done, take photos and rest a bit before experiencing sandboarding.

The real art of sandboarding is controlling your weight and keep balancing on the board while slipping down the sand dune. You’ll do it right multi times and fall at others, but it’s definitely fun and more like playing in the sand.

Last but not least, you will head to a desert camp to have some Arabian coffee with dry dates and enjoy brief camel riding.

Camels and falcons are symbols to the Arabian culture and the UAE’s in particular. These amazing creatures were the only way to transfer and help old Emirati Bedouins through the desert.

Morning Desert Adventures

Dubai Evening Safari

One of the most thrilling desert safari tours in Dubai evening safari, in which you get to experience all the morning safari activities with additions. What’s so special about Dubai evening safari is the camp activities and the fun entertainment shows.

Dune Bashing or Wildlife Drive?

Pick up services and transportation are all provided on this safari tour as well, but you get extra camping activities like the falconry show and BBQ dinner in a Bedouin-style tent.

Some prefer to do a wildlife drive instead of dune bashing within the same program. So, it is usually done in the Dubai desert conservation reserve which is a protectorate for the rare Dubai desert ecosystem.

You’ll spot the Arabian Oryx, gazelles and sand cats, and occasionally desert foxes. you drive all the way across the reserve between the dunes and gaff trees.

After that, you get to enjoy the spectacular falcon show and learn more about how Bedouins were deeply connected to this creature and how he was extremely useful to them in hunting.

It is super cool to watch the fastest animal in the world hunting. It has this special way of soaring slowly, and then catch the prey super-fast.

Dubai Evening Safari Camp

Now, it is time to move on the camp in which made out quite traditionally with a lot of cultural stations. So, you’ll have a traditional bread making station, falcon station, traditional customs and outfits stations, and henna painting.

Once you enter the camp, you will be greeted by Arabic coffee and dates. This is how Bedouins used to host their guests.

Another way of hospitality as well is by pouring some rose water into your hands and on your clothes. Many traditional values you get to find about in this camp. after that, we will serve BBQ dinner to you and some entertainment for sure.

Dubai evening safari includes one of the most popular celebrating ways in the Emirati culture is the drumming session. You get to join and drum with yourself, and there is also Yola’s performance where they skillfully throw up their daggers in the air.

There are also belly dancing shows which are not really from the Emirati culture but lighten up the atmosphere in the camp. Last but not least, We’ll get you back to your hotel.

Dubai Evening Safari

Overnight Safari Dubai with Hot Air Balloon

One of the amazing experiences that can enhance your desert adventures with, is overnight safari Dubai with Hot air balloon. You get to experience the same program and services of the Dubai evening safari, but with an extra overnight in a Bedouin tent underneath the stars.

Hot Air Balloon Timing

This air balloon experience starts in the early morning when you can catch the energy of the sun rising from the horizons. Have an early start at 4:00 AM when the desert at that time is full of mist creating a magical peaceful atmosphere.

The way of hot air balloons works is that they pump in cold air, and once they are finally filled, they start to pump in the hot air which allows the balloons to rise.

Is it Safe Really?

Now, it’s time to make it aboard, and probably will feel some heat coming from the flames used to engine the air balloon. You will catch up the sunrise while the balloon takes you up slowly, and watch morning light hit the sand dunes creating a beautiful red tone.

Well, here you are flying and defying gravity, watching other air balloons heading up through the fog and going above the mist. Literally, you will feel like you are in heaven.

There’s no denying, overnight safari Dubai is one of the trips you should go for when coming to Dubai. There is a captain that gives embarking and landing instructions that keep you safe.

The landing can be a bit tough while the basket of the balloon may lay you up one the back, but don’t worry there are hooks to hold on to. We hope to have a smooth landing anyway.

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The key to having unforgettable lies in two simple steps. One, determine what kind of safari you want, and two, choose the right travel company that is capable of organizing your dream desert adventures. We are here to help you chooseing the perfect safari for you by explaining in detail most popular desert adventures.

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