Dubai Water Taxi: An Escape from The Traffic Jam

Are you tired of all the traffic in the city of Dubai during the rush hour and want an escape from it? Well, the Dubai Water Taxi is the perfect escape from the long traffic jams in the city.

Dubai has many types of transportation such as taxis, metro, busses, limousines, and of course, water taxis. Each method of transportation has its pros and cons. 

There are other alternatives similar to the Dubai water taxi such as the traditional Abra and the Dubai ferry. In this post, we will talk about the types of water taxis in Dubai.

What is the Dubai Water Taxi

Water Taxi Dubai is a different way of transportation in the city. As its name suggests, the taxi operates on water. The water taxi operates from 44 different locations spread across the city. This water taxi takes you from one location to another.

 Water Taxi can seat up to 10 passengers at a time and is equipped with LCD monitors and air conditioning. What makes the Water Taxi special from its other alternatives is its wide range of pick-up/drop-off points.

This makes the water taxi a unique way to escape the busy traffic jams and get to your destination in a fast and fun way. 

Watch over the beautiful scenes of the Dubai waters as you cruise to your destination.  The price ranges from 55 to 200 DHS, depending on the distance traveled.


What are the Alternatives to Dubai Water Taxi?

Dubai Ferry

The Dubai Ferry is one of the best alternatives to Water Taxi. Rather than a method of transportation, the Dubai Ferry is more of a sightseeing tour as it takes you around some of the best Dubai landmarks such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Palm Jumeriah. 

However, unlike the Water Taxi, the Dubai Ferry can seat up to 100 passengers at a time. About 10 times the number of passengers that a Dubai Water Taxi can operate with. The cost for the Dubai Ferry ticket ranges from 25 Dirhams to 75 Dirhams depending on the location of the ferry. 

The ferry has 2 types of tickets, the silver and gold tickets. The gold tickets offer more private space and more comfortable seating as the gold area can only seat up 14 people at a time.

Dubai Ferry

Wonder Bus

Wonder bus is a special amphibious bus that travels both on land and in water. This bus can sit up to 32 people and is equipped with air conditioning.

Begin your trip at the Burjuman shopping and head into the Sheikh Khalifa road, Al Wasl Bridge, and Wafi Centre before taking a splash at the Dubai Creek. This ride is different from the other options mentioned as it operates at both land and water.

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“Dubai is filled with different ways of transportation and the Dubai Water Taxi is a special and unique way of transportation. From the Dubai Ferry to the Wonder Bus, exploring the waters of Dubai has never been easier. Learn more about other available cruise-related tours at our Dubai Tourism Website.”

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