How to Plan your Dubai Honeymoon Package in 2021

Looking for a memorable honeymoon experience? Dubai is a dreamy destination for all honeymooners out there for having so much to offer. The truth, Dubai is striving to best at everything for everyone. A honeymoon should offer much-needed relaxation after a stressful day of wedding plans and arrangements. A Dubai honeymoon offers a relaxing and memorable honeymoon.

Here we are blogging about tips for planning your honeymoon package, your lifetime trip. Hit up a world-class Dubai honeymoon with the best sights and amazing experiences.

Things to Do in Dubai Honeymoon 

Dead Sea Spa

Spa and massage sessions are a must in the Dubai Honeymoon plan where both of you get to relax together. Dubai hotels are full of amazing luxury spas, but we brought a special one for you, the Dead Sea water spa. 

You don’t have to go to Jordan to experience floating on the Dead Sea water, Jordan valley Marriott resort and spa has provided pools with tons of dead sea salt to give a legendary treatment. 

Hit The Tallest Building in The World

You can’t step by Dubai and not visit Burj khalifa. The building has it all, hotel rooms, spas, restaurants, and of course observation decks.

You can plan your honeymoon and stay in the Burj with the fanciest accommodation ever. Enjoy the panoramic view of Dubai city from all the way up.

Hot Air Balloon Trip

We highly recommend hot air balloon trips during your honeymoon for being extra super romantic. You get a hotel pick up in the early morning and drive all the way to the desert where the balloons are. You suppose to fly as the sunrise begins. 

So, you get to watch the sunlight hit the sand dunes and create a red color illusion on the sand. The mist at that time makes the atmosphere very Romantic. 

Soak The Sun in Jumeirah Beach

One of the world’s most famous beaches on the Jumeirah beach. Pack up your beach bag, get your tanning, and head up directly there for having sun-kissed and tanned skin, especially if you are in the summer. 

One of the fun and Romantic ways for a Dubai honeymoon is going to the beach. Enjoy the white soft sand, the clear water of the Arabian Gulf, and soak up some sun. You will also find water activities out there which makes it even more fun.

Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Honeymoon

Go Wild in The Desert 

Since Dubai’s main environment is desert, safari is the number one tourist activity in Dubai safari tours. Such a wild fun activity for all kinds of travelers. If you want something adventurous on your Honeymoon, don’t hesitate to book a Dubai safari tour. 

Get the ultimate definition of excitement while driving in the sand dune, riding a camel, and surfing on the sandhills. Experience the Bedouin lifestyle in a traditional camp, and have BBQ dinner with traditional folklore entertainment.

Watch The Magnificent Cirque Le Soir

The incredible circus performance is much needed for making this Dubai honeymoon on fire. Cirque Le Soir was established by an expert circus group in Fairmont hotel.

It has two Branches, one of the UK, London, and the other was founded in Dubai, 2011. The incredible circus atmosphere house offers world-class entertainment through a talented cast of performers.

Cirque Le Soir

 Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise

Book a dinner cruise in Dubai and enjoy dinner while sailing in Dubai creek. You get to all the popular highlights while cruising, Burj khalifa, Atlantis hotel, and Burj al Arab. 

Enjoy watching the night lights and skyscrapers. Dubai Marina is one of the main places to visit in Dubai, mainly because of its attractions, but also because of the city itself.

Dubai Marina is a man-made canal city that was inspired by other waterfront developments around the world. Although it has a lot to offer currently. enjoy your voyage, have dinner, and watch live shows. 

VIP Room Night Club 

Do you like to party in style? Hit VIP room nightclubs at Marriott, and be treated like VIP guests, you and your love. Feel the good vibes flow while partying and have a good time. Make sure to reserve before you go, because it gets capacity-full quick. 

VIP Room Night Club

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Tour in the incredible capital of the U.A.E and visit its wonderful landmarks. There are a lot of things to do in the city. Abu Dhabi has important and significant historical places to be visited. You can not miss the grand mosque of Sheikh Zayed that was named after Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan to honor him. 

It’s nice to go both of discovering the different aspects of the U.A.E, the religious one in particular. The mosque is considered as a masterpiece with a spectacular design. Once you are in Abu Dhabi, you’ll find yourself stepping by further attractions like the Emirates Palace and Ferrari world.

Couple Helicopter Ride

The romantic helicopter ride Dubai is one of the things we highly recommend including in your honeymoon in Dubai. We have also listed this activity in the Romantic dates blog for being so special. 

Helicopter tours in Dubai allow you to see the city from another perspective of view. Fly high above the main attractions of the city and enjoy unforgettable moments with each other. 

There are different durations for this tour, going from 15 to 60 minutes, and you can choose. You can tour around the entire city of Dubai and watch all the attractions and sites or you can choose some specific highlights like Atlantis, Jumeirah, the palm, and Burj khalifa.  

  Couple Helicopter Ride, Dubai Honeymoon

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Your honeymoon is all completed with different activities and diverse places to go. Check every idea in detail, plan for it, and enjoy it being on your honeymoon. Dubai has a lot to offer for the new married couple, from basic restaurants to the tallest building in the world. 

There are tons and tons of iconic ideas and out of the box activities that you can arrange to make the lifetime trip beyond amazing. Enjoy the historical, religious, and cultural places as well, that will add new knowledge and make your Dubai honeymoon more efficient. So, take the chance.  

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