Dubai Cruise Ports | Know the Major Seaports in Dubai 2021

Dubai is a coastal city that is home to various shipping ports. These ports are responsible for maintaining the status the city has created in the past years as a thriving and dynamic economic metropolitan. Dubai cruise ports are significant for the import and export trade industries in the UAE. They are also used as a means of transport for cruise ship travelers. On your next trip to Dubai, taking a cruise ship might be a great idea.

Dubai Cruise Ports

Dubai has three major seaports that include Jebel Ali Port, Mina Rashid Port, and Al Hamriya Port, all managed by Dubai Ports World (DP world). This is a logistics company that specializes in cargo logistics, maritime services, port terminal operations, and free trade zones.

DP World was formed in 2005 through a merger of Dubai Ports Authority and Dubai Ports International. The company handles a staggering 70 million containers annually.

Learn more about the Dubai Ports operated by DP World below:

Jebel Ali Port

Jebel Ali seaport is a flagship port in the United Arab Emirates and ranks among the largest seaports in the world. This port is also the largest gateway hub in the Middle East. It was opened in 1979 and has won the best seaport in the Middle East for 24 consecutive years.

As a leading Dubai Cruise Port, Jebel Ali contains top-notch facilities that include a Container Freight Station (CFS) and cool and cold storage areas to store items that require special cooling conditions.

Jebel Ali Port

Terminals at Jebel Ali Port

  • Container Terminal 1 (T1)

This is the busiest terminal at the port because of its shipping capacity. Having 51 quays and 15 berths, this terminal allows ships to easily moor, load and unload their shipments.

  • Container Terminal 2 (T2)

This is the second busiest terminal at Jebel Ali Port. It consists of 32 quay cranes and 8 berths. The terminal has state of the art technology designed to reduce carbon emissions.

  • Container Terminal 3 (T3)

This is the smallest terminal at Jebel Ali Port. It was opened in 2014 with 5 berths and 19 automated quay cranes. It is the world’s largest semi-automated terminal.

Mina Rashid Port (Port Rashid)

Mina Rashid Port is named after His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. This Dubai port was opened in 1972 and is a multi-purpose port catering to both passenger liners and cargo ships.

With a 2 million square area, Port Rashid has the capacity to accommodate seven mega cruise vessels with over 25,000 passengers. The port has been voted as the most prominent luxury port in the Middle East for 8 consecutive years.

With a prime location along trade lines, Port Rashid also accommodates cargo ships. There are five berths – 5 meters deep for the coastal facility and 15 berths- 10.5 meters deep for general cargo.  The quay length for the coastal facility is 900 meters, while that for general cargo is 2727 meters.

Mina Rashid Port (Port Rashid)

Terminals at Mina Rashid Port

  • Port Rashid Dubai Cruise Terminal

 This cruise terminal is one of the biggest in the world. It features 5 different terminals that are divided based on baggage handling space and size. This terminal can cater up to 25,000 passengers at once.

  • Hamdan Bin Mohammed Cruise Terminal

This terminal was launched by DP world in 2014. It has the capacity to accommodate 14,000 passengers a day.

Al Hamriya Port

Al Hamriya is a relatively smaller Dubai port. It is used as a non-containerized trade route between Dubai, Africa, South Asia, and other regions of the Persian Gulf. The port can accommodate dhows, RoRo vessels, and breakbulk.

With a capacity to handle 190 fishing boats, Al Hamriya is a significant facility for Dubai’s fishing industry. The port is also a quarantine facility for livestock imports.

Al Hamriya Port

Dubai Ports Sightseeing Opportunities

Dubai cruise port is also a major sightseeing attraction for visitors. If not traveling by ship, you can see Dubai ports with these tours:

  • Dubai Helicopter Tour

Take an existing helicopter tour of Dubai and get to see the Port Rashid or Jebel Ali from the air. This provides a great view of the bustling ports.

  • Dubai cruise

Go on a Dubai Dhow cruise of the Persian Gulf for a chance to visit Dubai’s ports.

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Dubai cruise ports are a bustling hub of activity and are the hidden gem that adds to the glory of the city.

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