Dating Ideas and Romantic Places in Dubai

Couple goals are achieved in the most perfect when traveling. The experience of going to a foreign country with a bunch of different things to do and challenges to face deepens up your relationship and makes it even stronger. Here are some of the Romantic places in Dubai and the experiences you can enjoy with your partner.

Traveling is always much better with a companion. You get to share all the amusement and experience with somebody. Whether it is one of your friends, family or it could be your date. 

Romantic Places in Dubai

Have Dinner at The Royal Mirage 

The Courtyards Restaurants 

Since we were little kids, dates were directly related to having dinner in fine restaurants or going out to watch movies. It was the classic definition of romantic dates, and actually still is.

We have found out the perfect place for dinner dates, the one and only royal mirage hotel that hosts fancy-looking restaurants and amazing beach resort. 

It can be a bit pricy for some, but it’s a lifetime date. So, it definitely worth and you get what you pay for at the end. The hotel is one of the Romantic places in Dubai, and more like an oriental place that gives you the illusion of being in Alaa al-din movie or old Arabic tale.

The courtyard restaurant is mostly inspired by this oriental theme with Arabic style ground seats and palm trees all over the place. The restaurant is designed as an Arabic courtyard with no ceiling and soft certain on the sides.

The Rooftop Restaurant 

Take your date out there and enjoy an authentic Arabic experience. Try out the traditional Arabic food, coffee, shisha, and spend the night talking and enjoying the atmosphere.

We also highly recommend the rooftop restaurant in a mirage hotel for having a super cool romantic atmosphere. This one is also inspired by the Arabic culture and designed as an Arabic terrace.

The open-air place is super comfortable with cozy sofas, a lot of red pillows, and small Arabic lanterns that give a dem romantic lightning. Once again, you’ll feel like you have jumped in the old fancy tale.

What we like the most about the place that it’s very colorful and bright, it gives you positive vibes, and at the same time chills you out.

The Courtyards Restaurants 

Desert Safari Adventure 

Dune Bashing Safari 

Another idea of Romantic things to do in Dubai is spending a date in doing something out of the box. Some people think that desert safari adventure is a trip that no way can involve in romantic ideas, but we believe that adventure heating relations can create stronger connections.

So, prepare yourself for some hype and extra fun while dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding in the desert. 

Heritage Desert Safari 

Desert safari adventure is mostly known for its dune bashing, but if you want something more environmentally friendly go for a kind of Dubai safari adventure known as heritage safari. This Dubai desert safari experience will introduce you to the stunning ecosystem of the Dubai desert

You get to see the Arabian Oryx, Al maha gazelles, falcons, camels, and traditional trees known as Gaff. After discovering the rare life of fauna and flora, you’ll drive in vintage land rover through the desert to the camp where things will be even more exciting. 

Steal some romantic moments while watching the sunset. In the camp, you’ll have many entertainment shows like belly dance, Tanura, cultural folklore, and fire show.

The Dubai desert safari experience introduces you to the Emirati culture and how local Bedouin used live in the hard condition of the desert. 

The camp serves buffet dinner with tasty traditional cuisines and unlimited drinks and beverages. You also get to arrange a private romantic dinner for only both of you in the middle of the desert away from the city’s bustle and crowded traffic. Watch the stars at night before going to bed in a Bedouin-style tent.

Spend Some Peaceful Nature Moments  

One of the most adorable dates can be just out there in nature. If you two are wild adventurer type and always want to try new outdoor activities, we have something special for you.

Pack your stuff and don’t hesitate to go to the Hatta mountains, 2 hours drive away from Dubai. It’s an amazing option for weekend escapes and short breaks where you can meditate up there and enjoy peaceful moments. 

we consider Hatta mountains romantic places in Dubai with low temperatures most of the year. So, it’s better to be visited in the summer. It is a perfect trip for you and your love to refresh and feel the natural energy while listening to the water flow down the mountains, watch the birds head up and soak up some sun.

most of hiking, climbing, and biking activities are done out there, but we would like you to enjoy the simple joy of nature out there and relax. You can also do some visits to the heritage village and the museum.

Jazz it up in Q’s lounge

This lounge belongs to Quinsy Jones who designed this place for jazz lovers and live entertainment addicts. It could be one of the Romantic places in Dubai if you both are interested in jazz clubs and music while having a fine dinner. Listening and sharing music with others links souls together. Enjoy the amazing experience within this lounge that features live shows directed by Quinsy himself. 

Romantic helicopter ride

Romantic helicopter ride can be actually a helicopter date. Such a stunning idea that gathers some excitement and Romance at the same time. Enjoy watching Dubai city from the top and fly high around the most popular destinations and sites.

There are a lot of types of helicopter tours in Dubai. One of them is the sunset helicopter tour and couple helicopter rides which were operated especially for couple dates and honeymoon trips.

Romantic helicopter ride comes designed in different durations with different prices. You can have from 12 to 60 minutes and choose the areas you’ll be flying above.

Dubai from up there is quite iconic and totally different, and you’ll pass by Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Atlantis, and Dubai creek. We think the Romantic helicopter ride will be the perfect date for you guys.

Romantic helicopter ride

Book Burj Khalifa at the top

Impress your date while standing high above the city – Burj Khalifa at the top – and enjoying breathtaking views. Book Burj Khalifa at the top tickets and spend a wonderful time with each other in Luxurious vibes.

Burj Khalifa top view is reached by high-speed elevators and has two observation decks. You can book a suite for a couple of days there, hit a night club or have dinner in one of the restaurants with Burj Khalifa view. 

Burj Khalifa from the top can be an excellent choice for a date. 

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We have listed Romantic places in Dubai. Some of them are fancy, and others are absolutely regular, but the key is to pick up the one that will really bring you together and captures both of your interests. There are tones and tones of romantic things to do in Dubai, and you might get lost while planning something like that. that’s why we have blogged these ideas that may be helpful for you.

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