Chopper Ride in Dubai: A New Experience

A chopper ride in Dubai is one of the best ways of looking at Dubai from a different perspective. Dubai is known for its famous attractions such as the Khalifa Burj and the Palm Atlantis. The encounter with the helicopters would certainly give the city a unique view from above. 

The best way to visit the town is on a trip by helicopter. This tour will take you around Dubai ‘s iconic sites where you can take stunning pictures of the view from above. Surely this stunning view will delight you and leave wonderful memories of the unforgettable experience.

One of Dubai’s most sumptuous man-made structures is the Palm Jumeriah. This artificial island features some of Dubai’s best hotels and was built in 2006. As the name suggests, this man-made island has the form of a palm and hundreds of villas and apartments are home to every branch of the palm. Explore that artificial island with Dubai’s chopper ride.

Atlantis Helicopter Tour

This amazing Dubai tour will take you around the Palm Jumeriah and other places of interest. Capture the rare views from a fresh viewpoint of the beautiful Man-made Island. This amazing, man-made island is shaped like a palm and many villas and apartments are home to every branch. The Island’s palm shape can only be seen from above.

Travel through different attractions, including the Burj Khalifa. This majestic and remarkable man-made structure is host to numerous world records such as the world’s tallest building.

The Burj Khalifa has more than 148 floors and more than a million people visit its observation deck each year. You will glimpse this amazing man-made building with this helicopter experience.

Burj Al Arab is another well-known attraction you’ll be going by on this helicopter ride. This luxury hotel is located in the Jumeirah district of Dubai. The Burj Al Arab is known for its luxury and beautiful architecture.

This tour starts at the helipad of the Atlantis Hotel where the flight will begin. You’ll travel through various recognized attractions in Dubai, depending on the length of the ride. Take incredible pictures of all the different views you’ll be going through during your tour. You’ll be taken to the helipad at the Atlantis Hotel after your ride is over.

Atlantis Helicopter Tour

Chopper Ride in Dubai 

Wanting to visit Dubai? If so, then chopper ride in Dubai is just the way! View Dubai from a different perspective, and fly through the many attractions in Dubai. See the city from a different perspective and experience all the varied attractions in Dubai. 

Catch the breathtaking view on a helicopter ride through Dubai from the Dubai Canal. Located near Business Port, the Dubai Canal is an artificial water canal with a shopping center, four hotels, luxury condos, and walkways. Don’t miss this incredible canal view.

Take a look at Burj Khalifa and Downtown from Dubai with Dubai chopper ride. A massive complex houses some of the biggest landmarks in Dubai, including Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain. This is one of the most popular areas in Dubai.

Chopper Ride in Dubai 

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