How to Choose The Best Safari Dubai Price With Desert Dinner

Everyone plans for their trips, and search for the best prices before they book, especially if you are traveling to Dubai and want to try dessert dinner and safaris. There are a lot of travel agencies and operators who organize a variety of desert safaris with cheap prices, but with poor services and lack of commitment. A Cheap safari Dubai price doesn’t mean good quality services.

When you search for a safari Dubai price make sure that you receive good quality services, not at a high price, but at least with a reasonable one. If you browse through our website, you will find safari trips divided into three categories to make your search easier.

How to Choose The Best Safari Dubai Price

This is generally the first question asked when anyone searches for safari tours. However, you get what you pay for at the end. When coming to the best safari Dubai price, you have to put into consideration many factors and elements to look up for. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What desert safari type do you want to try?
  • Does the safari include desert dinner? 
  • How much am I able to spend on this trip? (put a budget)
  • Does the company I am booking with have a good reputation?
  • What kind of services I will get in return? 

How to Choose The Best Safari Dubai Price

The Company Reputation 

The price is usually depending on the type of the journey, and the program included, but the reputation of the tour operator you are booking with is affecting as well. 

There are many sites that might sell safari with less than USD 20, but you don’t even get picked up from your hotel. You end up having bad quality desert dinner, and unprofessional dune bashing or desert activities. 

Reputation is the first important element you should look up for when choosing Dubai safari. 

Feel free to ask people who have been in Dubai before about the operators they booked with, and take your time checking reviews and rates. Check trip advisor for honest reviews and ask for recommendations. 

We made this blog to be part of your research as well. We’ll recommend you some of the highly requested safari programs with safari Dubai price

The Type of Desert Safari 

There are many types of desert safaris with different durations, activities, and timing, and the price is set according to all of these elements. Do you have to determine what kind of safaris do you want? 

Do you want dune bashing with camp activities or wildlife drive in the desert? 

Cultural experiences in Bedouin villages? 

There is a wide range of safaris in the U.A.E, but let us make it simple for you:

  • Adventure safaris with more physical activities and desert sport. 
  • Heritage safaris with educational tours at Bedouin settlements and ecosystem awareness.
  • Luxury safaris that provide high-quality desert dinner and premium activities.

Evening Desert Safari 

The evening desert safari is one of the adventure safari collections which is full of excitement and adrenaline rush activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel riding followed by desert camping with BBQ dinner and folklore show. The camping has a traditional theme and displays the old lifestyle of local Bedouins.

You get picked up from your hotel in Dubai by four-wheel drive and taken to the desert to start preparing for 30 minutes of thrilling dune bashing. After that, you board on high hills of sand using a board similar to the snowboarding one. 

This Evening Safari Dubai price starts from UAD 55 per person.

Falconry with Wildlife Safari 

The second collection of safaris is the heritage one which embraces more the ecosystem of the desert and usually done in desert conservation reserves. 

For those who fear that dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and dune buggy are not environmentally friendly, they should check out the heritage or the wildlife safari collection that introduces you to the rare ecology of Dubai desert

The falcon has an important significance in the old Bedouin life, the Bedouin consider it as a national symbol for the country. 

Choose a heritage safari which takes place in Dubai desert conservation reserve for having unique species of fauna and flora. You get traditional breakfast in Bedouin camp, a 45-minute drive by the vintage land rover in the reserve, and live falconry show. 

Royal Desert Dinner 

Royal safari at Bab Al Shams desert resort or the Sahara resort is considered a bit expensive for some and it lies under the luxury safari collection. Desert resorts are more like paradise. Some of them are located in conservation reserves overlooking natural oasis surrounded by desert plants. 

The experience of luxury safaris is usually done in 5 stars resorts Sahara that has horse and camel stables. If you want more privacy, dinner can be arranged for two or more in the middle of the sand dunes. 

Your table will be dug in the hills and surrounded by the campfire with a panoramic view of the desert and white gloves services. The resort is made like traditional mud houses with food stations and live demonstrations of falcon show.

This luxury safari is highly recommended if you want an extraordinary desert dinner experience with live BBQ and Shawarma station.  

The royal safari Dubai price starts from USD 135 per person.

Royal Desert Dinner

What is desert safari

What is desert safari?

It may seem too general a question, but it actually depends on timing and duration. 

What are safari timings? 

  • Evening
  • Morning 
  • Sunset
  • Sunrise
  • Overnight safari 

each of the mentioned times defines what is desert safari.

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Some of the safaris in Dubai city do not include dinner or camp activities, and these kinds of trips are usually being in the morning or by sunrise. 

Where you get to have dune bashing and camel riding, but without camping. The timing of the safari trip is a great factor in setting the safari Dubai price.

Desert dinner is also one of the effective ways to determine your safari price. If you want a cheaper safari trip, maybe you should look for one without dinner or camping. In the end, it is all up to you, and your budget.  

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