Top 5 Cheapest Dubai Transportation to Use in 2021

Dubai is home to Millions of residents and tourists. With millions of tourists and residents visiting the city each year, transportation is key to keep the city moving. Some of the best values and Cheapest Dubai Transportation include: Dubai Metro, Dubai Big bus tour, and hop on hop off Dubai.

Since Dubai is one of the busiest cities in the world, reliable transportation is provided and prices may vary. Here are the top 5 cheapest transportation methods in Dubai.

Top 5 Cheapest Dubai Transportation

5: Dubai Taxi

Dubai Taxi is one of the main methods of transportation methods in Dubai. There are various types of taxi services offered by the RTA (Roads & Transport Authority Dubai) including Regular Taxis, Ladies & Family Taxi, Limousine, and Luxurious Taxis.

Although taxis in Dubai are a reliable way of transportation, they are not budget-friendly. A 40-kilometer ride will cost you at least 90 AED (25 USD). Ladies & Family taxis cost more as it is an exclusive service that is provided for ladies and families.

One advantage of Dubai Taxi is that It can take you to any point in the city of Dubai and is not limited to certain routes. You can also use Dubai Taxis to go to locations outside of Dubai and into nearby emirates such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. This however will cost a lot since the fixed rate of Dubai Taxi is 1.82 AED/ km.

We recommend Dubai Taxi for short and urgent trips since Dubai Taxi can be ordered by phone or through the Dubai Taxi website/app.

Dubai Taxi, Cheapest Dubai Transportation

4: RTA Bus

One of the most common ways of Cheapest Dubai Transportation is through the RTA bus. Over 1,500 public busses are operating inside of Dubai at the moment. With over 370 thousand passengers being transported through the city using the RTA busses.

The RTA bus is commonly used by workers and residents inside of the city to move across various locations in Dubai. The busses operate in a network of 119 internal lines, 35 of which are directly linked to Dubai Metro stations. It is said that the busses cover over 82% of the urban area of Dubai.

To be able to ride the RTA bus, you have to buy a Nol card. The Nol card is the main payment method onboard public transportation in Dubai including Metro Dubai, RTA Bus, Paid to park, and Dubai Tram. You can also use the Nol card to pay Dubai Taxi fare. You can buy a Nol card at any Dubai Metro station.


3: Dubai Big Bus Tour

Dubai Big Bus Tour is one of the most common ways tourists use to move across Dubai. The Big Bus offers unlimited hop on – hop off at 21 points around Dubai. It also offers a digitally recorded guide across the city which is offered in 8 different languages.

The Dubai Big Bus Tour offers transportation across various touristic locations in Dubai including Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Spice & Gold Souk, and Heritage Village. Those who own a Big Bus Ticket have unlimited hop on hop off across these locations for a specific amount of time according to their ticket.

The Dubai Big Bus Tour also offers a Night Tour which shows the beauty of the city during the night. Visit various locations during the night to watch the nightlife of Dubai. The ticket also includes a 1-hour dhow cruise which can be used during the day.

Dubai Big Bus Tour, Cheapest Dubai Transportation

2: Hop on hop off Dubai

The hop on hop off Dubai bus offers the best value for Cheapest Dubai transportation. For only 120 DHS (33 USD), you get unlimited hop-on hop-off across 23 locations in Dubai. The Bus also includes an audio guide in 10 different languages.

The hop on hop off Dubai bus also includes free Wi-Fi. Share your experiences on your favorite social media sites on-spot. You can also read more about the various Dubai attractions and experiences online to help you plan the perfect Dubai trip.

Hop-on hop-off Dubai

1: Metro Dubai

Metro Dubai is by far the cheapest and fastest method of Cheapest Dubai Transportation. The Metro offers fast and cheap transportation to over 47 stations (nine of which are underground).

The Dubai Metro covers most of the urban part of Dubai and offers a separate line for Dubai Tram at Damac Properties station. The Dubai Tram is like a mini metro which transports people across Dubai Marina and Jumeriah Beach Residence.

Metro Dubai, Cheapest Dubai Transportation

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“Dubai is one of the busiest cities in the world. So, transportation is key to keeping the city intact and active during the day and the night. Use this information to plan your Cheapest Dubai transportation method.”

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