Burj Khalifa Top View Sights

Dubai is a city of wonders and opulence. It’s home to the biggest man-made island, the biggest indoor amusement park, the tallest structure on the planet, 163 stories to the top-Burj Khalifa. Imagine how Burj Khalifa Top View looks like!

The Burj Khalifa is known as one of the most exceptionally sought after spots to live on the planet. The transcending high rise lies in Downtown Dubai, a locale usually alluded to as the ‘Centre of Now’.

How to Get to Burj Khalifa Top View

It’s a long walk. Luckily, all indoors. In case you’re similar to a great many people visiting Dubai, you don’t lease a vehicle. It’s significantly simpler to take the Metro (depending on where you’re staying, obviously). 

The stroll from the Metro station to the Dubai Mall and the entrance takes around 10 minutes. 820 meters to be precise. The walkways are all encased, and for the most part with moving walkways. 

For your information, everything in Dubai is intended to shield you from the extreme heat. 

When you reach the Mall. Head to the Lower Ground floor and hopefully, you won’t find a long queue! If you are purchasing Burj Khalifa top view tickets on the day rather than online, we encourage you to get there as early as possible. 

How to Get to Burj Khalifa Top View

Burj Khalifa At the Top Price 

The best option you should make is to choose whether you need to visit At the top-level 124/125 or go right to the most noteworthy level 148. There is a notable difference in the ticket price so at last, it will be down to individual inclination. But either choice you pick, you are guaranteed brag rights that you made it to the top of the world. 

Tip: There is an extra charge on all tickets during prime hours from 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM every day. Costs are likewise significantly higher for ‘immediate’ entry access. To be on the safe side, go ahead, and book your Burj Khalifa tickets.

At The Top View

The journey to the top starts by boarding the elevator that takes you all the way to level 125. To head back to level 124, take the spiral staircase. Enjoy the awe-inspiring, breathtaking, panoramic, and stunning 360-degree views of Dubai. Whether you are keen to spot your favorite Dubai landmark or simply soak in the breathtaking scenery, you could never have enough time at Burj Khalifa top view. 

Dubai is an incredibly beautiful city at street level, and even more mesmerizing from an eagle’s view. It’s from here you can spot the majestic Burj Al Arab hotel and the gold/spice souks that add to the feel of Dubai.

Notably, guests are offered telescopes that offer full HD displays and high zoom capabilities. From such a high vantage point, embrace the opportunity to get close-up views of the landmarks at ground level. There are six telescopes on level 125 and another six on level 124.

Fun Facts Burj Khalifa 

  • The skyscraper was designed by architect Adrian Smith and the architecture firm of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. The motivation behind the neo-modern look of the Burj Khalifa is the desert lily, a bloom found in the Arabian desert.
  • When viewed from the top the Burj Khalifa takes on a ‘Y’ shape. This is from the foundation built to optimize residential and hospitality spaces. The building then ascends in cross-sections which reduce in the area as they go upward. 
  • The tower’s curtain wall alone for instance is the size of 17 football fields. 
  • It takes 36 workers a minimum of 90 days to complete cleaning one side of the tower.
  • Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world soaring at 828m (2,716.5 ft)
  • Burj Khalifa is home to the world’s first Armani Hotel with 304 hotel rooms
  • The tower neighbors Business Bay, Dubai International Financial Centre, and Al Wasi district

Fun Facts Burj Khalifa 

Burj Khalifa World Records

  • The tallest building in the world. The tower is also the tallest freestanding structure in the world  
  • The highest number of floors in the world – 163 floors
  • The highest occupied floor in the world
  • The elevator with the longest travel distance. Pretty cool!
  • The tallest service elevator in the world
  • The world’s tallest art gallery. It displays commissioned work of more than 85 artists
  • During its construction, Burj Khalifa utilized the world’s three largest self-jacking cranes. Each crane had a lifting capacity of 25 tonnes.

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Tickets to the observation decks get booked quickly. To secure a slot and get the best times, book your tickets online in advance. Alternatively, you buy advance tickets in-person at the ticket counter.

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