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Everyone coming to Dubai searches directly for Arabian nights tours. The United Arab Emirates is known for its magical desert landscape. The vast desert is not empty or barren, it does beat with life and rare ecosystems that include native animals and plants. 

To protect this rare environment, these areas were declared as conservation reserves and protectorates. The desert of Dubai city was once inhabited by local Bedouins who lived in a traditional lifestyle that now seems so interesting for people to try out. 

This lifestyle is full of values and strengths because adapting to such an environment requires so. 

Best of Arabian Nights Tours 

What are Arabian Nights Tours?

Arabian nights tours are a collection of amazing cultural experiences and adventurous activities. As desert dune bashing we mentioned before, the lifestyle of traditions Bedouin is worth exploring and creates wonderful lifetime memories. Do you want to know how the people of the desert-adapted through? 

Do you want to know their traditions and customs, how they welcome a guest, set up Bedouin tents, and how they used to spend their day? 

This all is introduced besides high movement activities like desert dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding. 

Have you planned to go on a desert safari yet? Here are three of the best safaris in UAE that we will describe and explain in details:

  • Platinum desert safari from our luxury collection.
  • Heritage desert safari from our heritage collection.
  • Full-day adventure safari from our adventure collection.

Best of Arabian Nights Tours 

Our Desert Safari Collection

For those who don’t know we have three kinds of Safari in UAE if you have browsed through Arabia Horizons website, you’ll find that our safari category is divided into three sections: luxury, heritage, and adventure safaris. Each one addresses different clients’ demands. 

Adventure Collection

The adventure collection depends more on the physical movement and adrenaline rush activities like desert dune bashing, camel riding, quad bike tours, dune buggy desert safari, and sandboarding. 

The Arabian nights tours of adventure collection are set in different durations of the day. There are sunrise, morning, and evening tours beside overnight as well. 

Heritage Collection 

From the category named, you can tell what it is about. It is about embarrassing and admiring the heritage of the Emirati culture through safari trips. The traditions and customers of the local Bedouins are more obvious in this kind of tour. 

It depends more on highlighting the desert ecosystem throughout wildlife drive instead of dune bashing and experiencing Bedouin culture through visits to desert conservation reserves and Bedouin villages. 

Luxury Collection 

The last collection we call it the luxury collection, and it is for a high class and VIP services. Most of the luxury collection tours are set in Al maha resort inside of Dubai desert conservation reserve which is a luxury five-star resort and a protectorate to the wildest animals of Dubai city desert. 

The tours highlight the deep heritage and rich history of Dubai desert Bedouin life and demonstrate the original life of the old Emirates but in high standard facilities. 

Some of our luxury tours include dune bashing or wildlife drive. Most of our safari in UAE are operated on a private and shared basis. You get to choose what fits you the most. 

Best of Desert Safari Tours

Platinum Desert Safari 

Platinum desert safari is one of our luxury safari tours collection, we make it for high-quality services and professional guiding. Here is what to expect in this tour:

  • You get hotel pick up between 2:30 PM and 3:30 PM.
  • Visit the desert lake and Ghaf trees forest. Don’t forget to take pictures of these nature’s wonders.
  • Watch a traditional falcon show, and learn about how falcon used to help Bedouins in their desert lifestyle.
  • Watch the falcon soar fast and haunts while enjoying dates and refreshments in Majlis (traditional seating area). 
  • At sunset, go ahead and ride a camel for a journey between the sand dunes and head to Royal desert retreat to enjoy dinner.  
  • Imagine having delicious dinner between desert plants and trees, overlooking Oasis in a traditional theme private cabana. 
  • After dinner, relax in the Majlis and enjoy Arabic shisha or get a henna tattoo. 
  • Enjoy the performance of the fire show.
  • At the end of the tour, Transfer back to the hotel between 9:30 and 10:30.

Heritage Desert Safari 

The heritage safari takes back in time to the age of nomadic Bedouins, and where Bedouins depended on camels to transfer through the vast desert, and on the falcons to provide proteins in their poor diet. It is one of the Arabian nights tours that take you to the heart of the Bedouin cultural experience. Here is what to expect:

  • Get wildlife drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve by vintage land rover.
  • Enjoy Falcon show and demonstration. 
  • Have a Camel Ride.
  • Enjoy watching Emirati cultural performances.
  • Have Dinner and beverages in between.
  • Watch Cultural activities in the desert camp like bread making, henna tattoos, and shisha.
  • Hotel transfers, pick up, and drop off.

Full-day Adventure Safari 

This type of Arabian nights tours is full of excitement and thrilling activities, and as we said our adventure collection depends more on physical movements and sports. 

So, are you ready for desert dune bashing, mountain trails, camel riding, sandboarding, and more? Here are some major highlights of this full day of adventure:

  • The hotel picks up.
  • Restroom breaks on the way.
  • Start the journey to Hatta Mountain
  • Hatta Mountain ride (Drive through)
  • Visit the dam and have a brief photo stop with the scenic views.
  • Paddle riding at the dam (AED 200 per person paid directly).
  • Visit Hatta heritage village and museum for a historical view of ancient times.
  • Lunch at Hatta Fort Hotel.
  • Depart from Hatta.
  • Desert dune bashing in the evening.
  • Henna Painting.
  • Try Arabic Costumes.
  • Enjoy Entertainment shows.
  • The hotel drops off. 

Best of Desert Safari Tours

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Safari in UAE is a must for having so deep cultural and educational values, and adventurous activities as well. You can be lost a bit when searching for Arabian nights tours. So, that’s why we have divided them into three main categories on our website. Each one displays a wide range of desert trips and activities.  

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