Arabian Desert Safari Odyssey The Best Experience in 2021

Away from the glitz and glamour of the city lies a golden landscape of the beautiful Arabian desert in Dubai. And Arabian desert safari is hands down one of the most exciting, fun adventures you will have while in the UAE. 

Adrenaline Pumping Activities on Arabian Desert Safari 

Dune Bashing by 4-Wheel Drive

Hop into a luxury 4-wheel drive and buckle up for a thrilling ride over the sandy Arabian dunes. Your LandCruiser will be climbing almost 60 to 65 degrees on the thick sand and taking sudden skids down as you scream your lungs out in absolute excitement.


Strap your feet on a board and enjoy the thrills gliding over the plains and surfing the sand piles. Use this opportunity to explore the Arabian desert topography to the fullest. Both an adventure and a thrill! 

Quad Biking

Quad Biking offers one of the best ways to enjoy the wonderful and magical desert dunes. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to lose yourself in the splendor of the Arabian desert’s landscape with the electrifying off-road driving exploring the lows and highs of the extensive stretches of the sand dunes.         

Extra Activities in an Arabian Desert Safari

An Arabian Desert Safari experience also has various activities to make your experience memorable and adventurous including:

  • Camel Ride: Enjoy the hardy animals up close and get to enjoy a relaxing ride at the desert camp 
  • Belly Dance Show: Dancing has always been a highly preferred activity especially for a huge group of people. 
  • Tanoura Dance Show: Tanoura dance is a popular Arabian folk dance. It features males dancing in a group wearing colorful skirts during the performance.
  • Henna Painting: Henna tattooing or paintings is the oldest traditional art culture most popular among ladies. The art results in beautiful paintings of different shapes and colors.  
  • Arabian Traditional Dress: How about a photo session rocking the beautiful Arabian traditional dresses? If this sounds cool, you’re in for a treat getting shots dressed in the different stylish dresses.

Tanoura Dance Show in dubai 

What to Expect With the Arabian Desert Experience 

  • On the thrilling adventure, an expert guide will be with you to help you have maximum enjoyment with the authentic taste of the desert as you maneuver up and down the mighty dunes.  
  • You don’t have to have a background quad biking. The bikes are fully automated and a briefing on the use of the bike and safety precautions by specially trained staff is provided before setting off on the off-road exploration. 
  • Some of the Arabian desert safari’s activities such as dune bashing is not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart conditions, neck and back problems.
  • A traditional Arabian camp decorated with pillows and carpets, modern lights, separate bathrooms for men and women, and a true Arabic ambiance. 
  • Some activities are prohibited during Islamic holidays including Tanoura dance show, Belly dance show, and alcoholic drinks.
  • Air-conditioned 4WD Landcruiser.

quad biking

Preparation For Arabian Desert Safari   

  • Avoid eating 2-3hrs to avoid motion sickness during sand bashing.
  • Wear sports shoes. They will come in really handy during sandboarding.
  • Bring a good camera to take the magnificent photos of the sunset.

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Exploring the exotic Arabian desert is something you definitely want to try out. It’s one of those rare activities that will give you an authentic taste of the Arabian culture. Check out some of our Arabian desert safari activities and go ahead and have fun with our Dubai Tourism Website

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