All you Need to Know About Al Rafisah Dam

On your way to the new Sharjah – the Khor Fakkan highway leads up to a panorama of the breathtaking Al Rafisah Dam. It was built in the 1980s, and it’s only recently it has had a facelift highlighting a new visitor center and a rest area. 

What to Know about al Rafisah Dam 

The travel time from Sharjah to Khorfakkan is only 45 minutes if using the new road. This allows more visitors to enjoy the serene pleasures of the clear lake featuring a boating facility with the magnificent Hajar mountains as the backdrop. 

The scenery is fascinating and a sandstone mountain range looms over an immaculate azure reservoir alongside a tranquil green landscape and a man-made waterfall. Makes for perfect scenery for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The dam has a rest area, a mosque, outdoor play areas for children, an ample parking lot, a supermarket, and a popular restaurant with stunning views of the lake. 

A section of the new development has restored the nearby Wadi Shea Fortress and the surrounding old plantations. Enjoy the 1kilometer pathway, studded with palm trees around the dam and the mountain’s edge. 

What to Know about al Rafisah Dam 

What to Expect

  • The lake’s water level fluctuates depending on the rain season. Ruins are visible in the summer months partially or wholly submerged underwater during winter.
  • Different types of boats including kayaks and pedal boats. They can be rented out at incredibly reasonable prices.
  • Numerous seating areas such as picnic zones and four play areas- Two dedicated for toddlers and two for older children. 
  • A cafe and a small co-op with snacks and drinks.
  • Al Rafisah Dam may get busy during holidays and weekends
  • A mini masjid is available
  • While here, follow the signs on the path along the foot of the mountains. 
  • Enjoy the multi-sheltered benches where you can rest, enjoy the views, or catching up with friends or family.
  • Don’t miss the tourist office and discover other gems including what the Emirate of Sharjah has to offer.

What to Expect

Why You Should Visit Al Rafisah Dam 

It makes for a perfect place for a quick half-day getaway. The beautiful architecture and the serene atmosphere combo are rejuvenating. 

The dam has a nice play zone area dedicated to kids. Get to try out your paddle boating skills in the beautiful nature.

The scenery makes for a perfect location to take amazing photos for your Instagram’s bragging rights. It’s a perfect venue for the whole family to enjoy a peaceful weekend.

The Dam’s proximity to the highway makes it accessible and offers ample parking space for everyone. 

You experience nature’s magic on the natural spring coming from the Hajjar mountains. The spring is visible all around the dam area.

Why You Should Visit Al Rafisah Dam 

Fun Facts Al Rafisah Dam 

  • Al –Rafisah dam is also spelled as Al-Rufaisah Dam located in Sharjah-An Emirate of the United Arab Emirates
  • This dam’s construction took place in the 1980s. It only became a tourist attraction recently when the authorities decided to build a rest area with tourist attractions for tourists. It is part of the new Sharjah-Khor Fakkan highway (S142) project.
  • The Al Rafisah dam development occupies an area of 10,684 square meters. Some of the facilities include prayer facilities, an outdoor seating area for up to 300 people, a car park for up to 45 vehicles, walkways, and four kid’s play areas occupying 410 sqm. 
  • The tourist facilities and rest areas are part of the SharjahKhor Fakkan highway (S 142)-A 14-year project connecting the interior of Sharjah with the UAE’s east coast.

Fun Facts Al Rafisah Dam 


Driving to Al Rafisah dam is an incredibly amazing experience. Go past the golden desert, astounding mountains, and tunnels. The roads are really impressive between the mountains and the mystical tunnels built under the Mountains. 

On the journey you will encounter attractive five mountain excavated 2 lane tunnels. The longest tunnel is 2.7km. The tunnels are man-made and a perfect display of civil engineering at its best considering the challenging mountainous terrain.

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About Jebel Hafeet 

Al Rafisah dam is an incredibly amazing place for a relaxing little getaway. If you haven’t been here yet, you might be surprised that you have been missing out on paradise. 

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