Explore The Abra Souk in Dubai Old Souk 2021

The word Abra originates from the Arabic verb “Abara” meaning- To cross. Prepare to embark on an exciting ride on the Dubai Abra Souk. This is Dubai’s most traditional mode of transport. For centuries, it has been one of Dubai’s most preferred modes of transport, and a crucial symbol of the city’s history and heritage. 

How to Explore Abra Souk

One of the main Abra connection lines in Dubai is found between Deira Old Souk – A zone highlighting old Souks and Bur Dubai which is part of the modern city. 

The distance between the Souks and Bur Dubai is about a 5 minutes boat ride. The Abra Souk travels both ways connecting different stations on both sides of the Creek.

An Abra can accommodate about 20 passengers and there are about 150 Abras between Deira Souks and Bur Dubai. Every journey takes not more than five minutes. Get yourself a one-way ticket, or better still hire your own Abra for up to an hour and further explore the creek.

Riders on board an Abra Souk sit on a central wooden bench on the short journey. To get a chance to marvel at local traders to drop anchor for trade, and the wooden Dhows parked colorfully array as occasional ships sail past, opt to have your ride in the mornings.

It’s also the best time to catch the spectacular views of old and new Dubai such as the traditional houses, towers, and minarets.

A picturesque Abra Souk ride will surprise you with amazing views of both sides of the Creek as well as the activities along the waterway. Late evenings just as the sun is about to set, will give an amazing photo opportunity of all the wonder and magic of the sunset. 

Abra charges are about AED 1 which is about USD 0.30. And you are in for a huge treat as you are allowed to ride the Abra Souk over and over. This will give you unique perspectives along the Creek.

At the Abra station, you will find many wooden boats parked. Some offer the periodic single ride service (AED 1 per ride), and others provide private charters of the Abra Souk meant for private rides for visitors.

Embrace the opportunity of your Abra Souk by standing at the edge of the Creek and enjoy the sights of the wooden boats gracefully sailing with the waves.

Types of Abras

Motorized Abra 

What’s more exciting than discovering the charm of old Dubai in the traditional half-boat, half-raft? The Abra Souk is the most popular mode of transport around the spectacular 14 kilometers of Dubai Creek dividing Deira and Bur Dubai. Hop on and cruise to the soulful side of the city.


  • Bur Dubai Abra Station and Deira Old Abra Souk station
  • Dubai Old Abra Souk and Al Sabhkha 

Motorized Abra in dubai

Air-Conditioned Abra 

The Abra uniquely combines a traditional Abra’s style with modern technologies. The Abra Souk ride offers a comfortable cruise in a fully air-conditioned setting. Just sit back and travel along the Creek. On your cruise, visit your favorite outlets, dining spots, and cafes in Dubai Festival City.


  • Al Jaddaf marine station and Dubai Festival City

Air-Conditioned Abra in dubai

Petrol Abra 

The modern yet traditional Abra is a mix of traditional and modern technology. This enhances its safety accessibility to passengers while delivering a traditional Abra Souk experience. A petrol Abra offers an abundant capacity of up to 20 passengers.

Enjoy the best of both worlds in the modern yet traditional Abra. It’s fitted with the latest technology to give you a safe cruise without missing the traditional part of the experience. 

On the cruise you will discover:

  • The traditional Fahidi Area
  • Historical district Souqs
  • Stunning mosques
  • The Dubai Museum
  • Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s house along Dubai Creek


  • Al Sabkha
  • Al Fahidi-Deira
  • Dubai Old Souq
  • Al Seef

petrol abra

Petrol Heritage Abra

Experience the magic of extreme contrasts through Dubai’s modern skyline and the waterfall in the Dubai water canal in the stylish Petrol Heritage Abra. Take a chill at your destination, refreshed from the breeze, and ready to take a walk or cycle through the newest area of Dubai. The trip takes approximately 45 minutes.


  • Dubai Water Canal
  • Sheikh Zayed Road

Petrol Abra in dubai

Electrical Abra 

The eco-friendly Abra Souk has a seating capacity of 8 passengers. It’s a tourist’s favorite for cruising along with the city’s popular attractions in Dubai.


  • Dubai Mall
  • Global Village

Electrical Abra 

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About Jebel Jais

The buzzing Dubai Creek has been the lifeblood of the city for many years and a popular tourist attraction all year-round. For as little as AED1, hop aboard one of many traditional Abra Souk. Explore the creek separating Bur Dubai and Deira. 

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