A Dubai Desert Experience in A Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon Dubai is an unforgettable and luxurious event you might want to try while in Dubai. The magical tour takes you on an adventure to experience the vastness of the desert from the sky. It’s an experience literally to new horizons at 3000ft above sea level with an opportunity to appreciate nature to its best. 

Best Time For the Experience 

A hot air balloon Dubai can take place very early in the morning to allow you to experience the sunrise and the changing colors of the desert. Needless to say, it’s an unbeatable moment to experience the beauty behind the harsh desert.

The icing on the cake is enjoying the magnificent shapes and dimensions of the gigantic dunes from the sky. It’s both a charm to the eye and a mystic involvement. 

Air Balloon Dubai Experience Duration 

The experience normally lasts between 2-3 hours. 

What to Expect From Air Balloon Dubai 

  • Spectacular views of the desert as the dunes shift from different shades from the sunlight.
  •  A gentle float above the clouds with360 degree views of the Dubai desert with best photos guaranteed.
  • Enjoy tranquility and peace from the serenity and adventure the ballooning experience brings soaring at 3000ft above sea level.
  • An adrenaline rush as you swing around such a height above the surface without any safety harness or safety belt to hold onto will definitely get some blood flowing.
  • Expect the Peregrine Falcon, one of the fastest and magical flying birds to sail with your balloon. Another spectacle is the majestic Hajar mountains and animals residing in the natural habitats of the desert including Camels, Arabian Oryx, Gazelles, etc.

How to Prepare For a Hot Air Balloon Experience 

  • Book your hot air balloon Dubai package. Your designated driver should be able to pick you from your hotel or resident in Dubai. For an early morning activity, expect to be picked in the early hours of the morning at 4 AM.
  • Take a look at pre-flight preparations which include the hot air balloons set up procedures. Enjoy the setup process as the team diligently unloads the basket, unrolls the gigantic balloon, fixes the engine/burner, and finally inflates the balloon until it is in a vertical position for take-off.
  • On your take off from the ground, your expert pilot will lift off from the ground in what I would call a thrilling moment. A moment of sheer silence and serenity as you appreciate the endless golden rolling sand dunes below you. 
  • As you drift along with the air, get ready to be awed by the magnificent desert Flora and Fauna from the stunning vantage point.
  • On your landing, you will not necessarily land at the starting point. It can be a different spot based on the flow of your hot air balloon. 
  • After landing, a surprise awaits you of a flight certificate signed by the pilot, along with complimentary photos of your hot air ballooning expedition.

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Tips to Have a Successful Hot Air Ballooning Expedition      

  • Plan your expedition in advance through a reliable service provider, try with us the best tour operators in Dubai. This will help you get the most out of your experience. 
  • If going for the early morning adventure, go to bed early on the night before. This will ensure you are fresh and a perfect start for your tour.
  • Get your camera, smart phone ready, and fully charged up to capture the beautiful scenes of your expedition.
  • Fasten your expensive gadgets to your body to avoid accidentally dropping them.
  • Wear comfortable clothing for ease of boarding and disembarking the basket.
  • Dress in layers as the desert temperatures are chilly during morning hours and can even get colder as you reach greater heights.
  • This adventure is not suitable for pregnant ladies, kids under 5 years, and anyone suffering back or neck problems. This also applies to anyone who has undergone major surgery or injured their arm or leg in the past 6 months.   

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Whether it’s a romantic rendezvous, a corporate celebration, or a memorable family day, air ballooning Dubai is a must-do activity for those visiting the beautiful city.

Check amazing air balloon Dubai packages and choose one that suits you best with our Dubai Tourism Website. Still, if you have not tried this activity, be sure to add it to your bucket list.     

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