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CruiseShipThe clear waters of the Gulf promises a dream Cruise Vacation for all your family members. Dubai with its exciting and colourful places is the ideal spot on earth for your next cruise vacation. If you are in a land of such exquisite beauty you should pamper yourself with all the available comforts on Arabia Horizons Cruise services.

Arabia Horizons has a wide experience in the field of tours andexcursions. Luxurious motor coaches, a modern fleet of 4 - Wheel Drive vehicles,well - equipped desert campsites, and specialized team to provide the highest service quality.

Our service is unlimited!

We offer all types of tours including adventurous desert safaris, excursions to charming mountains and amazing beaches, bird-watching and sightseeing tours, golf and water-sports, shopping, horse and camel racing and more. If you are still not convinced then we offer youtailor-made tours which can begin with several hours tour and be extended to several days.

Arabia Horizons is the ideal choice.

Our hard working team will makes sure to keep everything on place and on time, and our facilities will make you certain that Arabia Horizons is your ideal choice.

Here is a list of some of our facilities that will assure you a high standard service quality:

  • Qualified multilingual tour guides.
  • Well - equipped desert campsites.
  • A large fleet of 4 - Wheel Drive vehicles.
  • Comfortable 50-seater coaches with a TV, a refrigerator & a set of first-aid.
  • Comfortable 30-seater mini buses.
  • Saloon vehicles.
  • Dhow boats.
  • Limousine taxis on request.

In addition to the above we offer luxury yacht day trips, as well as luxury charter not only to the UAE but we also offer programs of two and three day cruise to neighbouring destinations such as, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain.