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Dubai Dolphinarium

Highlights:Dubai Dolphinarium provides you with the best family entertainment in Dubai.

From: US $27 (AED 100) per adult

  • Type: Entertainment by Dolphins & Seals
  • Departs from: Dubai
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Meeting Point: Dubai Dolphinarium
  • Days of Operation: Monday to Saturday (Sunday No Show)

Dolphins & Seals Show

DubaiSpecialInterestTours,DubaiDolphinariumDescription: Dubai Dolphinarium is an amazing place, where you are guaranteed to meet some of the most beautiful animals that inhabit our oceans and have lots of fun with them. There is a lot of programmes and exciting interaction with the mammals happening at Dubai Dolphinarium. A great way to educate, entertain and learn for the young and the old. An unforgettable experience with the worlds most loved animals.

Dubai Dolphinarium provides you with the best family entertainment in Dubai. The Dolphins and Seals Live Show is one of the main attractions at our Dubai Dolphinarium. This event is full of extraordinary information about marine mammals, their life and we encourage the visitors to help us to ensure the future protection of our marine ambassadors the seals and dolphins. Highly interactive and talented Bottlenose Dolphins Senya, Sousha and Marfa- are performing amazing displays and sequences based on their natural behaviors. Born with a permanent smile, playful and gracious bottlenose dolphins are an unforgettable visual and emotional experience for people of different ages.

Swim with Dolphins

DubaiSpecialInterestTours,DubaiDolphinariumDescription:Here at the Dubai Dolphinarium, we can offer our fortunate visitors thechance to swim with our beautiful bottlenose dolphins.You will feel a bonding experience to be close to this magnificent creature your, very own personal photographs will be taken with dolphins by our own professional photographers, as a wonderful memory for your experience as well. Limited numbers are available for these sessions so book early. Each visitor can understand just how powerful they can be and so gentle all at the same time.

Swim with dolphins is an opportunity to be together with a dolphin in the habitat pool. The habitat pool is special because it has a 2.5 meter wading ledge that is just 90cm deep, the rest of the pool is 4.5 meters deep. The pool is 19 meters long and 11 meters wide.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Normal Rates

From 1 and more persons: From 01st August 2016 until 30th September 2017

Dolphin & Seal Show

Regular Rates
Price per adult: US $27 (AED 100)
Price per child: US $14 (AED 50) [2-12 years old]
VIP Rates
Price per adult: US $33 (AED 120)
Price per child: US $22 (AED 80) [2-12 years old]

Illusion, Dolphin & Seal Show

Regular Rates
Price per adult: US $30 (AED 120)
Price per child: US $22 (AED 80) [2-12 years old]
VIP Rates
Price per adult: US $39 (AED 140)
Price per child: US $28 (AED 100) [2-12 years old]

NOTE: Every Monday & Friday, selling only VIP tickets

Dolphin Planet (Interaction with Dolphins)

Price information: From 01st December 2015 until 31stAugust 2016

Group Interaction

Meet & Greet (Touch): US $69 (AED 250)
Shallow Water (Knee Deep): US $124 (AED 450)
Deep Water (Swimming): US $165 (AED 600)

Private Group Interaction (From 1 to 3 people)

Meet & Greet (Touch): US $274 (AED 1000)
Shallow Water (Knee Deep): US $493 (AED 1800)
Deep Water (Swimming): US $658 (AED 2400)

Note: Children below 5 years old are not allowed

Show Timings:

Dolphin & Seal Shows: Mon-Sat: 11 AM
Illusion, Dolphins & Seal Shows: Daily 3.00 PM & 6.00 PM (Except Sunday)
Duration 45 minutes

Dolphin Planet:Sun-Sat: 10 AM to 6 PM
Duration 20 minutes.
Arrival & Reporting to customer service care: 15 mins before the session time

Swimming with Dolphins

Open (Mixed): US $151 (AED 550)
Private (3+1): US $726 (AED 2650)
Private (3+2): US $877 (AED 3200)
Private (3+3): US $1027 (AED 3750)

Note: This tour does not have pick up and drop off

* Land transfers (optional): Return land transfers are available from your hotel in Dubai to the Creek at extra AED 390/- per vehicle (up to 4 persons)

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