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Dreamland Aqua Park Guest Information

Corporate Entertainment
Dreamland Aqua Park is a multi-purpose facility that includes an amphitheater with a capacity for 1,000 people. This area can be used as a venue for musical concerts, product launches and a host of similar activities.

Social and Recreational Activities
Everybody can participate in a host activities to make their stay even more amusing. From overnight camping to water polo, beach valley ball to Go kart competitions; visitors choose the type of activity that suits them best. Our program offerings vary throughout the season, but during weekends, guests enjoy live chill out music.

Affordable Family Recreation
Compared to other aqua parks, Dreamland Aqua Park dedicates the largest and unique variety of games for kids and adults/ From Aqua play to Spin Drop, we offer more fun and excitement...

The park easily accommodates 7,000 visitors per day so that your guests don't have to wait in long queues.

There are so many attractions to try, so many places to stay and so many activities to do that people run out of choice and time.

Days at Dreamland Aqua Park are packed with fun and laughter and will keep your visitors coming back for more.

Information and Services

Parking is Complimentary
Your vehicle is your responsibility, so please ensure that it is locked and all valuables removed to prevent any damages or loss.

Lockers and Changing Rooms
Changing clothes around the Park is strictly prohibited. Park provides lockers and changing rooms at no extra cost. Please make use of them

Lost Items
Please report all lost items at the security booth. All lost items found and retrieved are kept at the security booth in the main building.

Missing Children
Please make arrangements with family and friends to meet at the security booth in case of member wanders or get lost. If you need assistance to find your child, please contact the Reception, any Security Officer or Management Staff.

Food and Beverages
Dreamland Aqua Park has a wide choice of food stalls and outlets to serve you a variety of food such as pizzas, hamburgers, French fries, shawarma, salads, seafood, sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken, pop corn, cotton candy, donuts, fruits, soft drinks and fruit cocktails. Food should be consumed at designated areas only. Food or drinks are not allowed into the Park.

Slides and Attractions
Dreamland Aqua Park has over 25 aquatic and non aquatic attractions for children and adults. Locate your favorite attractions by using this map. For your protection, do not wear eyewear or jewelry on the attractions. Full clothes are not allowed in the rides and pools, Dreamland Aqua Park is not responsible or liable for any lost articles.

Lounge Areas / Beach Chairs
There are four lounge and sunning areas with over 300 lounge chairs, plus two shaded grass areas- "Palm Path and Peak Park: Sun beds and umbrellas are available at no extra cost.

Opening Hours
Fridays and holidays are strictly family days

Tubes are provided in the Park free of charge and should be used only on those rides that require them.

Pool Depth
Week and non-swimmers should check pool depth before entering the water. All splashdown pools are approximately 1.2 meters deep, with the exception of Lake 'O' Waves, which goes from a depth of 0-1.8 meters

Trained Lifeguards are stationed throughout the Park for proper ride dispatching and guest assistance in splashdown pools. If you encounter any problems or inconveniences with other guests, such as cutting in line or unruly behavior, immediately notify a member of our security, lifeguard or supervisory staff. We are here for your service and safety. Security guards may be identified by their uniforms and lifeguards by their bright red shorts.

First Aid
Our First Aid Station is located next to the Locker Room (main building) and is equipped to handle minor emergencies. Please ask any of the Park employees for directions.

Guest Services
For any additional information about the Park or to make suggestions, please come by our Reception located in the main building by the entrance gate.

Visit our Shopping Arcade for a wide range of souvenirs, t-shirts, swim suits, tanning lotions , beach balls, towels, sun glasses, resort wear, waterproof items and much more.

Group Outing
We offer attractive rates and packages for groups of 20 or more.


All persons adults or children entering Dreamland Aqua Park do so entirely at their own risk.

Dreamland Aqua Park management team, the proprietor or any body or company associated with Dreamland will not accept liability or responsibility with respect to any injury or loss, including any fatality or damaged property inclusive of anything attributable in part or whole to any act or omission on the part of Dreamland Aqua Park, its staff or agent.