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Arabian Ranches Golf Club

Invite yourself to an exclusive lifestyle that is steeped in the mystery and beauty of the desert. At Arabian Ranches, you will find yourself drifting into a world that moves at its own pace. Switch off from the monotony of city life and treat your senses to a delightful journey of discovery and indulgence in this desert paradise, created as an ideal getaway for the mind, body and soul. Follow your instinct with passion in more ways than one - from golf to polo to equestrian.

ArabianRanches1Set within the heart of the desert, only a few minutes from Dubai, at the juncture of three key ring roads leading to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai. The Arabian Ranches Golf Club – formerly known as The Desert Course, Arabian Ranches, was built as a true 18 hole, par 72, desert style grass course, a signature course designed by Ian Baker-Finch in association with Nicklaus Design. Miss the immaculate grass of the fairways and greens and you enter the “sandy waste”, with its indigenous shrubs and bushes. All standards of golfer will also appreciate the GPS (Global Positioning System) yardage service available on every golf cart.

The Spanish Colonial style Clubhouse boasts the Ranches Restaurant and Bar, with a terrace overlooking the panoramic scenic views over the 9th and 18th holes, a great place to meet and try the international menu. Within the Clubhouse there are 11 luxurious Guest Rooms with spectacular views overlooking either the Golf course or the Lake, each en-suite rooms is beautifully furnished. Step out of your room, hop onto your golf cart and drive straight to the first tee, totally refreshed for your game of golf.ArabianRanches2

The fully qualified Golf Professionals at the Golf Academy offer a variety of teaching programs for either the beginner or the more experienced golfer wishing to improve their game. The well-stocked Pro shop also offers the latest in golfing apparel and hardware for all your golfing needs.

Overall the Arabian Ranches Golf Club gives you an all round unforgettable golfing experience.


ArabianRanches3In the Arabian Ranches Golf Club there are 11 luxurious Guest Rooms with spectacular views overlooking either the Golf Course or the Lake, each en-suite room is beautifully furnished. This is a unique property in Dubai, where we will take care of you and your guests, to ensure that all are rested and ready for your next day. These guest rooms are supported with room service, satellite TV, internet access, telephone, hair dryer, and mini bar.

Golf Club Facilities

  • 18 Holes Desert Style Grass Course
  • Floodlit Driving Range
  • Birkdale bar
  • Baker-Fitch Room
  • Conference Room
  • Ranches Restaurant and Bar
  • Chipping Area and Practice Putting Green3-Hole Pitch and Putt

The Arabian Ranches Golf Club is the most exclusive venue to entertain your guests in an unusual location. It is fully stocked with all the latest Golf Apparel and Hardware, a pro shop, a Grand Lobby, and the Baker-Finch Room complimented by a Terrace and the Birkdale Bar.

Golf Courses:

18 Holes and 9 Holes

In total 18 Holes in the Golf Club Course divided into two 9 Holes. The Front 9 (Holes 1 - 9) and the Back 9 (Holes 10 - 18). If a player request to play holes, he will play Holes 1 - 9 only.

ArabianRanches6Special Features

Pay N Play

Arabian Ranches Golf Club is open to all players with an official handicap.

Players can also turn up on the day and pay and play.

Flood-lit Driving Range

Arabian Ranches Golf Club offers practice facilities on the Flood-lit Driving Range which is open until 9pm everyday, adjacent to the Golf Academy Building.

The Golf Academy

The Golf Academy at Arabian Ranches Golf Club is situated between the front and back nine and next to the Driving Range and Practice Putting Green. Qualified PGA professionals are available to teach beginners and assist in improving more experienced golfers.

Global Positioning System - GPS

The Golfplus system uses GPS technology to inform players of the exact distance from their cart to the centre of the green. It's like a virtual caddy constantly providing useful information. Precise distance measurement makes club choice easier. Please note there is the opportunity to advertise on the GPS system.

The Pro Shop

The Pro Shop will offer a wide range of personalized Arabian Ranches Golf Club merchandise.

Tee Time

The time a group starts off the 1st Tee (1st Hole) Eg. 8.00 am Tee times usually run in 10 minute intervals, groups will start off the 1st tee every 10 minutes.


It takes approximately 4 to 4 1/2 hours to play 18 Holes. The earliest time a guest may book (depending on the course) is 6:40 am with the last tee time around 13:30 - 14:00 depending on the time of year before it gets dark.

Shotgun Start

This is when every group (up to approximate 100 players) start at the same time. However they will start at different hotel e.g. If a group starts at hole # 14, they will finish their round on hotel # 13.

Group Flight

This refers to the group of players who play at a tee time. The minimum you can have is a 1-ball ( 1 person playing ), 2-Ball ( 2 people playing, 3-Ball ( 3 people playing ) and maximum 4-Ball ( 4 people playing ) in one group.


Guest should give themselves at least half an hour to check-in and warm up on the "driving range" (place a warm up), before they start.

Driving Range

A place to hit balls and warm up the swing. This area is also used to teaching and players to practice their game off the course. You do not need a handicap to use the driving range / practice facility.

Teeing Ground

The place where you hit the 1st shot at a hole.


The closely mown area where the hole is situated.


A sand hazard.


The second cut, outlining the putting green. The grass is slightly thicker.


The closely mown area, the golfer must follow in order to play the hole correctly. If the player does not hit the ball on the fairway he may face some difficulty.

Semi Rough

The edging of the fairway before the rough.


Hazardous are, off the fairway.

Water Hazard

This is a small lake, pond, stream, which is part of the design of the hole. If a ball is hit into the water, a player will be penalized one shot.

ArabianRanches5Tips for quick play

  • Always keep up with the flight ahead: "your position on the golf-course is not in front of the flight behind, rather behind the flight ahead".
  • Walk quickly.
  • Let the flight behind you play through if you have fallen back a hole
  • If you can't locate a ball immediately wave the flight behind you through at once.
  • Plan you next shot while others are playing.
  • Leaving your bag at the site of the green in a direct between the flag and the next tree and never in front of the green!


A handicap is given to a player who has acquired the necessary ability to the games of golf, including an acceptable knowledge of the etiquette.

The playing ability of each player is represented by the number of strokes he or she is expected to play over par.


If a player constantly shoots an 85on a par 72 course, then he would basically have a handicap of 13 (85 - 72 = 13).

The maximum for men is usually a 28 Handicap, and for ladies a 36 handicap.

This does differ in other countries. Our courses will usually accept higher handicaps as long as this is an official handicap from a recognized club or union.

Playing ability Card/ Green Card

This is a card given to a player who is a beginner and is attempting to gain his handicap by playing rounds of golf. It is very similar to holding a "learners" drivers license. Once the player has submitted sufficient cards/scores his club will issue you him with an official handicap.

Player who holds a PC will be allowed on the course if they are accompanied by golf professional. Usually their own professionals will accompany them or we can arrange professionals to play with the player with additional costs.

Tuition always available for handicap holders. PC Holders and Beginner on our “Driving Range". Our Gold Academy can tailor male packages to group who want tuition, and rounds of golf.


ArabianRanches4Conditions of play

Handicap Requirements

Players are requested to bring their handicap certificates with them. The handicap limit for men is 28 and for ladies 45. In some cases if a player is playing with their golf professional, we will allow playing ability cards or green cards.

Dress Code

Tailored trousers, shorts, golf shorts, shirts with collars, sports blouses, t-shirts with collars and sleeves are considered appropriate attire. Tank tops, collar less t-shirts, button down shirts with short and long sleeves, tie shirts, denims, bathing suits and athletic shorts are not permitted. Arabian Ranches Golf Club reserve the right to refuse admission to the course or driving or driving range to any person considered inappropriately dressed.


No metal spiked shoes are permitted. Golf shoes with soft spikes or flat-soled trained shoes are allowed on all golf courses. Golf sandals are not permitted. The Club reserves the rights to deny access to the golf course to anyone, in its opinion, with the incorrect footwear.

Tee Times

All golfers will be put into playing groups of 3 or 4 players.

Tee Times are based on 10 minute intervals, with 4 players maximum per tee time. Players are requested to check-in at least 1/2 hour before their tee time. Shotgun starts usually run in the morning and afternoon. Depending on the time they are due to tee off i.e. 8:00 am Shotgun, players are requested to check - in at least 45 minutes before the start.


For safety reason and strict control of the golf course operations, unfortunately they don't allow non-playing guests to accompany players.

Speed of Play

Players are requested to keep up the pace of play at all times. The recommended time for play is 4 hours and we would appreciate your consideration for the benefit of all players.

Course Marshals

Our course marshals will be on the golf course to assists players at all times. We request in the event to slow play, to please accept any decisions or request by our Marshall.